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emil 19th March 2008 08:18 PM

Advice for new sails...tired of broken masts
Yesterday the second broken mast 100% in a month. I have 2 slalom boards and 4 racing sails. When masts are not broken the combination is working great. The problem is I got tired to break masts and wait a lot for a replacement (not many keep in stock 100% carbon mast). So I was thinking (even if I'm sad for that because I love the feeling of racing sail) to step down from racing to freerace sail (most using 75% carbon mast).

I was looking for NP RS/slalom or Gaastra GTX. Anyone has experience in comparing these sails?
Any info is very welcome.

Ken 19th March 2008 10:19 PM


I think the best racing masts, especially for large race sails are made by Maui Sails. They make their SRS 100 masts in sizes frm 430 to 550. They are a little heavier, but they don't break as often as the other brands.

Of course this also means that they are made for the TR-4 race sails which range in size from 4.3 to 12.0. These sails are as good or better than any race sails on the market. However, I think the masts have the same design characteristics as the Gaastra masts, so they should work with both the Maui Sails and Gaastra sails.

I am just an amature sailor / racer that uses the Maui Sails products and think a lot of the company and products.

Papounet 19th March 2008 10:44 PM

Gaastra changed a little bit their bend curve on race masts this year.
The Bend curve was quite similar with MS and Fiberspar under 520 before.

But on sails working with Hard Top mats there is less problems than on Flex Top ones
The sail works more than the mast on HT, reverse on FT
North Viper isn't a good choice on 2007/2008 North sails Warp for exemple,
more Top Flex on the Platinium ( less botom Flex too )

Unregistered 20th March 2008 01:18 AM

depending on the size of the sail you can use RDM that will drasticly reduce your chances
of braking the mast, some sail companies got race/slalom sails up to 8.5-9.7 that designed on skinnies, like Hot Maui sails or Loft, there might be some others.

Ola_H 20th March 2008 01:20 AM

Right, HotSails Maui builds cam racing sails for rdm mast also in big sizes. They are called the Grand Prix Speed (GPS). Check out their site,

emil 20th March 2008 03:11 AM

Thanks for the info about mast. My question however is:
I was looking for NP RS/slalom or Gaastra GTX. Anyone has experience in comparing these sails?


Unregistered 20th March 2008 03:48 AM

I dont think you can go wrong with a north mast in comparison with a np mast.

geo 20th March 2008 02:59 PM

Hi Emil,

I never sailed NP RS/S; but of course if you are fed up with broken equipment AND like the feel of top class sails, why go down to 75% masts AND stay with NP? Makes no sense! As for the GTX, I sailed the '07 7.0 and liked it better than the Vapor comparatively, as it showed 95% of the performances with less weight and easier feel. Just my personal impression.
Anyhow, I am a very very happy Maui Sails user too, and I do agree 100% with Ken. If you like race sails and want serious reliable stuff, no need to step down since what you are looking for exists in reality: go for the TR-4s, or used TR-3s, with their SRS 100% masts.

Papounet 20th March 2008 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 20020)
I dont think you can go wrong with a north mast in comparison with a np mast.

Some breaks to on the Platinium 2008, on the ring

Jean-Marc 20th March 2008 06:44 PM


I'd like to disagree with your sloppy argument above. You really can't compare NP and North mast failures. When the first snaps in pieces, it's much more costly in term of overall replacement and sail repair. When the second splits at the aluminum collar, it only costs for a new aluminum collar spare part. Nothing more.

Cheers !


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