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Ask Jeeves 21st March 2008 08:10 AM

Who is Cosmic Charlie?
Is he a real person or windsurfer?

James 21st March 2008 11:31 AM

He's a real person, but he has many other aliases. There are some pictures of him drifting around the internet. Like this one:

Here's a guide (pasted from a thread in rec.windsurfing) to his many aliases:

"Education may be the only way to help people become aware when they've
been had. When he posts, copy this so at least you will know what
you're dealing with. Laughter is the best medicine...when dealing with
da tar baby....

Good ol' comic charlie, aka Brucie, aka all the aliases below and then
some. At times he can be entertaining and at other times he can be
downright annoying. Most often, he amuses others as he makes a total
fool of himself.

Treat Brucie with a healthy sense of humor and you'll do fine with
him. He can sometimes be interesting and fun. Don't be afraid to poke
fun back at him as he pokes fun at you, but pound him into the ground
like a tent peg when he strays too far out of bounds.


And here's a series of comic strips that makes fun of him:

honker 21st March 2008 12:46 PM

really? is this confirmed?
i've also wondered about the cosmic one. isn't he an urban myth?

Unregistered 21st March 2008 06:49 PM

let it go....
who cares unless he has spiralling V rocker..

James 22nd March 2008 12:45 AM

Oh, he's no myth. He's real. I've seen his posts as RobSwift on Starboard's "Kevin's Corner" forum.

And he has posted on my blog as Robert Bruce, which is his real name.

I can't tell if he is deliberately trolling for negative responses with his often silly and annoying posts, or if he is truly doing his best to participate positively in the outdoor sports community but simply lacks the social and athletic skills to do it.

GusT 22nd March 2008 01:05 AM

yeah, but that doesn't prove anything.
could be a fake pic...could be a 400 lb bedridden female.

has anyone actually seen and confirmed cosmic charlie's identity in person? does anyone know the kook? anyone seen him windsurfing?

not that i care, i've been hearing about him for years. just curious, that's all.

Phill104 22nd March 2008 02:00 AM

He's currently using the name Jolly Roger on the Boards forum. He picked that name after he got nasty with Roger and Ellen on here and on rec.windsurfing.

He has been behaving himself recently but he does go too far sometimes and can get abusive. At that point he usually gets banned and pops up under a new alias after a break.

A couple of the regulars on the Boards forum have met him and seen him windsurfing.

Unregistered 23rd March 2008 02:13 AM

some thought on obsessive internet anon posting
strange what the internet/ human being interface has done to people and the way they interact with others.
What is the name for this "type"?? certianly not a troll, as a troll is always the same no as in thy always bash?

behaviour like this Cosmic Charlie ( CC) is an interesting study on human phsycology.
In the end I wonder the more you conduct this type of behaviour the more anonymous you become to youself?

Think about it as time goes on , (over a long period of time ) you go from one identity to another for whatever reason .
In time you have no fixed identity on the net, .... yet you are the same person at hom eon you computer, with real issues real opinion.
But you have severed 100s of internet relationships.
Obsessive posters must place more then a little import on the internet as the time investment alone implies great interest and subconcious ego investment .

but there is no sound basis to your own identity, noone really get to knows the "virtual "you.

In time you become anon to your own self as you opinions as a human count for nothing as their validity has not stood the test of time and logical debate on the net .
You have not stood behind them as an human , or a "named nickname "that one uses over and over.
I dont know just sonme thoughts

really my parents call me that .....

Unregistered 23rd March 2008 02:17 AM

sorry for the typos , also sorry my writing style . its a kind of "train of conciousness" style writing at time ( when i am at work on a break mainly) and can be a bit confusing.
not that i am mainly on a break at work,

well..... it just mainly my writing can ......
oh forget it ....

p.s. next posts WIll be about sailing

Cosmic Charlie Fan 23rd March 2008 07:01 AM

To Cosmic Charlie: Please respond...
Help to clear the air. Maybe you are misunderstood? Unhappy childhood? Not getting any pussy? What is it, exactly, O Cosmic One?

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