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EVO-MAN - MAYBE 23rd March 2008 05:15 PM

Evo 74 - Any good for blasting?
Hey guys,

I can pick up an Evo 74 for a great price but I am not sure if it is the right board for me.

I need a board around 75L that is great for onshore, bump & jump type blasting conditions from 19-20 knots upwards. I might occassionally get to cross-off conditions but very rarely. The primary use would be coastal high-wind use with 1m 'wind' waves but no real swells. Would an Evo be any good or completely inappropriate? If not, what would you recommend?

I have used a Carve 90 (often called the HyperCarve!) which I quite enjoyed as it had that smooth Hypersonic feeling and blasted very nicely. I think the Evo shares a similar double-concave hull design.

Unregistered 24th March 2008 01:20 AM

I used my 2005 Evo 70 for summertime blasting, jumping, old-school tricks, and onshore wind swell, in winds from 18mph and up, mostly 4.7 and 4.2 with some 3.7 thrown in. It worked great. Very versatile board. Despite what one might think, given the width, it handled chop very well. After some getting used to, I ended up falling in love with it for wintertime side-off waves too. I found that I was choosing it over my radical wave board most of the time. With the Evo I was able to catch way more waves every session. It made me a total convert to the wide and stubby "real wave" board concept. Highly recommended.

PS. I did replace the stock fin to get better drive and more speed. A high-quality 20cm fin gave me a noticeable improvement. The newer fins might be better.

carvesalot 24th March 2008 08:19 AM

I considered the Evo & Acid, got the Acid. I suppose that the size board is already a given based on your weight, sail requirements, and conditions that you expect to sail.
My own decision was between the 2, and the Acid suited my next larger board better than the Evo. The Evo at the same price would have been a better buy, as in more desireable.
At the right price as you said, I don't think you can go wrong with the Evo 74.

You research older tests on the older sites here.

Ray Timm 24th March 2008 12:21 PM

The E74 is one of my favorite all-around medium wind boards with sails from 4.5-5.3. Even thought many people who are used to a more traditional wave board don't like the Evo ride, once you get it dialed you'll find that it handles rough water and over powered conditions extremely well. Once think it rarely does is catch or trip when you're technique is less than perfect. I didn't care for the E75-07 compared to the earlier models since it feels a bit sluggish to me and more wave dedicated.

Look at some of Ola's older posts; he does a good job of describing how the board handles rough water and what to expect when really powered up.

Maybe Evo Man 24th March 2008 02:07 PM

Thanks for the tips. I tried researching the previous board tests but the Starboard archives were down :( I'll try again now.

Screamer 24th March 2008 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by EVO-MAN - MAYBE (Post 20119)

I have used a Carve 90 (often called the HyperCarve!) which I quite enjoyed as it had that smooth Hypersonic feeling and blasted very nicely. I think the Evo shares a similar double-concave hull design.

I haven't sailed any of them but I think the Evo ride is nothing like that HyperCarve. Expect Ola to chime in soon. Look at his first answer here:

Ola_H 25th March 2008 02:20 PM

Generally, I wouldn't recommend an EVO if the intended purpose was primarily blasting and B&J. The EVOs no 1 forte is clearly wave _riding_ (in any conditions from onshore onshore slop to mast+ cross off).

But as this thread shows, many people still like their EVO for blasting style sailing. Many like it for freestyle too. Many mag tests also kind of view it as a good high wind blaster, primarily because of its good control in chop and high wind.

So, while the most natural choice for you would be the Pure Acid 74 (see the link Screamer posted), an EVO 74 (with a bigger fin) _could_ also be a good choice but it is very hard to predict how _you_ will like it. If you do your B&J sailing well powered up, chances are bigger that you will like the EVO, I would say, but PA74 is a safer bet.

Unregistered 25th March 2008 08:14 PM

Evo 74

The evo 74 is not recommended for flat water and bump and jump. I owned an 04 74 for 2 seasons in Cape Town. V Good on the waves, but not the best for blasting. The acid is a much better board for this. In fact the Acid 88/86 is ideal. JP Radical wave also good for high wind blasting. If your sailing is 80% flat/ocean blasting, don;t go for the evo, acid is tops.

Unregistered 25th March 2008 09:18 PM

Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback.

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