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dennisrodgers 25th March 2008 07:59 AM

Nose Protector for iSonics
After breaking the nose of my old formula board last week I've realized I may not have outgrown the need for nose protectors (is that possible???) I have a new iSonic 155 and the starboard website has some great looking nose protectors......I just can't seem to find any for sale anywhere. Anyone know where I can pick one up in the US?

BTW.......I know it's big and it's not the best jiber on the planet.....but this iSonic ROCKS:)

Roger 25th March 2008 10:46 AM

Hi Dennis,
Check with the guys at Tridents Sports in BC.
They are the distributor and should be able to tell you if any USA dealers have ordered
the nose protectors.
Or, you can pretty easily make your own by cutting up a pool noodle and gluing it on with contact cement.
Here's a POC at Trident:
Hope this helps,

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