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Unregistered 26th March 2008 06:31 PM

Once and for all - Powerex vs Severne masts
I've read a couple of threads lately about curves etc in these two masts.
I would like to be enlightened what the difference is between these two brands (comparing similar masts of course).

What are the curves in the 2 brands ? (Constant, flex etc)

Please inform me.

honk 27th March 2008 02:08 PM

Seems that before Severne start their own mast, the sails are developed on Powerex.
Lately rig a CodeRed 10m on Maui mast, there is no luff, but shape turns out nice on Powerex.

Unregistered 28th March 2008 02:54 PM

Nobody would ever buy a Severne mast, so this only leaves you with one choice. The Powerex.

geo 28th March 2008 03:15 PM

Unregistered 28th March 2008 06:20 PM

That link doesn't say much. It's pretty old masts there, but thank you anyway.
Would like some more feedback on this.

Unregistered 29th March 2008 11:36 AM

Look at the crappy paint splattered all over many of the Severne Sails.

Would you really want to use their masts with a company that designs products like that?

They are more interested in trying to look good than improve performance (but they didn't realise it actually looks crappy as well).

I think you would be happy with the North, Gaastra or Maui Sails. The advantage of the Gaastra & Maui Sails is that you have a forum for support. Unfortunately no support with North except your local dealer who pretty much just has access to all the info that we read anyway - so it is not much help.

Unregistered 30th March 2008 02:47 AM

More links on same site that explains more ...


Unregistered 31st March 2008 08:30 PM

That first link was interesting but it handled pretty old gear.
The others doesn't quite answer my question. I'm looking for the difference between these 2 masts, not masts in general. But thanx for the links anyway :)

Roger 31st March 2008 10:24 PM

Hi Unregistered,
In some cases there may be no difference, in other cases there may be quite a bit of difference.
Constant curve masts have about a 13% bend ratio.
How/where each loft specifies the top and bottom bends to equal 13% can vary significantly.
Some are softer in the top, but not so soft that the are "flex top".
Some are very constant curve and are as close to 13% throughout their entire length as it's posible to make them.
On the very high end of the spectrum, Powerex makes their own 100% Z-Speed masts.
Severne and Sailworks (and probably some others that I'm not familiar with) have their 100% carbon race masts made by Italica in Italy. Very nice masts but also very costly.
Each loft has masts made to their specifications and they test them to ensure that the company that makes them meets their specs.
Almost all std. dia masts are now constant curve so there may not be too much difference.
I use Powerex Z-Speeds, Sailworks Lightsticks (Itallica), Sailworks Speedsticks (Powerex), and Severne Redline (also Itallica) masts pretty much interchangeably, but there are minor differences in the way the sail looks, but nothing I have been able to detect on the water.
You will always "tune" your rig a bit, and when tuning you will focus on what you want.
More power= less downhaul and less top twist.
Better gust handling = less draft lower in the sail, more top twist.
Better high wind stability= more downhaul, more top twist, more panel tension top to bottom and a bit more outhaul to stabilize things.
So, to get the optimum performance (as designed into the rig by the loft) you probably will not go wrong using the recommended "best" mast, and this will always give you the best "starting point".
If the mast meets the design specs. (not all of them do) you can pretty much rig "by the numbers".
From there you will need to figure out what characteristics are the most important for you, on your boards, in your conditions. Then tune your rig to your personal specifications.
As far as which masts are "better", I would say the Powerex has consistently been the mast that more lofts specify as the "best alternate mast" if the loft has it's own brand.
If you use several different brands of sails and don't want to buy several different masts to go in them, then the Powerex masts seem to have the widest application range.
If you want to "rig by the numbers" then you are better off to buy the mast recommended as "best" from the loft that designed your sail.
The only other way to find out would be to get the "best" mast from the loft that designed your sail, and the "best alternate" mast from wherever, and have one of the high end sail lofts run a series of bend tests between the 2 different masts.
And, the results may vary depending on how the test is performed.
Some lofts run their tests with a simple weight at the 25%/50%/75% test points (with the mast suspended 5 cm from each end. This is the standard "Mast Check System" methodology.
Other lofts have gone to a jig that pulls the bend into the mast from the ends (just as downhauling does) and the results are different from the std. mast check system methodology.
Hope this helps,

Unregistered 5th April 2008 11:08 AM

Instead off Powerex you also could consider an Epic gear mast. Comes from the Triana factory.

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