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surfag 17th August 2006 07:06 PM

no K9 plugs on 2006 Pure Acids
Did SB change the plugs during the 2006 production? I just purchased a new Pure Acid 80 (wood) from my dealer, who ordered and received this board 2 weeks ago (beginning of August).
There are only standard footstrap plugs, and I hoped to get plugs with the anti-twist devices K9 as they have been praised on the SB site and in some tests. In the German surf (March issue) was a picture of a Pure Acid 73 with the new plug (oval slot between the screw holes).

But the worse thing is that old 2005 foot straps have been delivered. I contacted my dealer and will wait for the exchange.

Hope for an answer about the K9 issue.

Ola_H 18th August 2006 07:08 PM

RE: no K9 plugs on 2006 Pure Acids
The first batch of 06 boards were delivered without K9 and the very first also with the old straps. My PA73 06 didn't have the K9 either.

surfag 23rd August 2006 10:01 PM

RE: no K9 plugs on 2006 Pure Acids
Ola, tx for clarification.
Indeed my board has a low serial number (ending 0010).
I'm wondering why my dealer (and me) is getting delivered a first batch board in August 2006 by Starboard Germany :(. One of the reasons I looked for a Starboard was about details like the footstraps stuff.

Ian Fox 24th August 2006 07:35 AM

RE: no K9 plugs on 2006 Pure Acids
Hi Surfag,

The boards are shipped from the factory to importer/distributor
basically in order of production, which = order of serial numbers.

It's a pity that you have missed out on K9's if you really wanted them.
My 06 PA80 also missed out, totally fine and no problem without them.
In fact a lot of guys are not using them even when shipped, inc me !!)

Make sure you get the strap exchange/upgrade though.
That one really does count...

Cheers ~ Ian

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