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Unregistered 1st April 2008 01:18 AM

flare 88
hi guys
i'm from austria and sail at lake neusiedler in podersdorf, where the efpt and the pwa will take place in may this year.
i just wanted to ask if a flare 88 would be good for me and the conditions here.
my weight is about 60 kg and yes i'm nearly 18 years old.
i want to start freestyling this season, so is it the right board for me. i mainly sail a 5.3 force from naish, and a 6.0 gaastra echo.

thanks, flo

Unregistered 2nd April 2008 02:18 AM


I have the 99 flare. really good boards.
i'f youre 60 kilo's i think the 88 flare will be perfect!

than you still have 18 litres above your weight so i'f the wind will drop you still can do low wind tricks!
the boards are very stable at non planing conditions and really radical with strong winds.

try a 18 cm fin underneight the 88 and it's a spinning machine! (check out the bonairian guys)


Taty Frans 2nd April 2008 06:07 AM

Hi there,

Kiri is 60kg and he uses the 88 flare in all conditions. mostky with 5.3 echo down to 3.7 manic.

The 5.3 will be a good size on the flare 88 but I not sure that it will handle the 6.0 that good.

I have been in podersdorf two years ago. but the wind wasn't that good. during that time I was on the flare 99 2006 and it was great board for that conditions..

Both the 2008 flare 88 and 99 are speciale. the 99 doesn't feel that big. but doesn't spin as fast as the 88 but the 99 is very well balance and it sure is a great board..

Get the 88 flare on a 18 cm fin and you will like it, even the 99 flare boards you can use a 18cm on it.. but a 20cm will also be fine.


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