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pinorad 20th September 2006 04:21 PM

Hi, i need a sail smaller than 4sqm to complete my S1-2006 quiver. When are SeverneSails2007 going to be available? Thanks

gold 25th September 2006 05:43 PM

RE: SeverneSails2007
When will the new ELEMENT be availaible ? ,

Ian Fox 25th September 2006 07:47 PM

RE: SeverneSails2007
2007 range is open for (importer/distributor) order now on most standard 2007 models-inc the new Element; please check with your dealer or country importer for the specific import/shipment/season schedules in your locations.

Please note the S-1 sizes go down to 4.0m, but for below 4.0m the Blade (3.7/3.2/3.0) or the Renegade (3.6) are the standard sizes.

If you have any trouble to get product, please don't hesitate to say.

Cheers ~ Ian

Jean-Marc 28th September 2006 03:13 AM

RE: SeverneSails2007

It would be great to get the full specs of 4.6-6.1 Code Red sails updated on the website...
Do these small sizes requires a RDM mast or can they fit a on SDM mast as well ?

Cheers !


Ian Fox 28th September 2006 12:09 PM

RE: SeverneSails2007
Hi JM,

Agree. We will sort it. In the meantime, here they are.

4.6 161 398 Blue Line 370 SDM
5.1 174 409 Blue Line 400 SDM
5.6 177 427 Blue Line 400 SDM
6.1 183 448 Red Line 430 SDM

All CodeReds are configured for SDM.

Cheers ~ Ian

gold 28th September 2006 05:54 PM

RE: SeverneSails2007

I just cheked the severne site and the "element" is still missing !:(
It would be nice to have an update.


Ian Fox 29th September 2006 05:55 AM

RE: SeverneSails2007
Hi All,

Just to clarify, the current Severne website is version 2006.5

So it's not showing the full 2007 range, more the updated 2006+ range.

The new 2007 version fully updated will be up soon.

Cheers ~ Ian

gold 7th October 2006 06:47 AM

RE: SeverneSails2007
Hi Ian,

Despite 20 years of windsurf, I am still a jibe apprentice and that's why I am reluctant to use a sail like the Overdrive

I have a severne C2 9.5, which I like very much ; I use it with an Arrows race 100 % carbon mast or a north xcellerator 100 % ; both masts have a 30 IMCS ; the sail feels a little better with the arrows mast.

I also have a naish evolution 8.3 (camberless sail) ; I tried it again today and the sails does not fit me (I must confess i am 100 kgs) : not full enough, no power, much more difficult to use than the C2. The naish's only advantage is its lightness !

So i have decided to sell the naish and get a severne C2 (or a NP V6 which, apparently, is very similar to the C2).

But my shop tells me the C2 is replaced by the Element. Can you tell me what are the improvements of this new sail compared to a C2 ?

Is there an 8 m size available (because i have a 9.5 and a 7m, so i think a 7.5 would be inadequate).

Can you also tell me about the most striking differences (if any) between Element and NP V6 ?

Will my arrows mast be ok with the ELEMENT (it is not good with the Naish sail).

Thank you.

Ian Fox 7th October 2006 02:49 PM

RE: SeverneSails2007
Hi Gold,

Yes, the (e)lement replaces the popular C2 with a new and super stable twin cam design that is lighter but more durable and easier to rig with the newer snap cam technique and lower downhaul tension.
(e)lement also looks stylish (making use of colored X-Ply) maybe not a big deal, but then again..

The standard sizes for 2007 (e)lement are :

6.5m 199/464 460-25
7.5m 216/489 460-25
8.5m 234/510 490-29
9.5m 252/522 490-29

I've not tried the Arrows mast, but a 490/30 would tend to rig the 8.5 or 9.5 slightly fuller and more powerful, which seems to be more in your preference than super flat. The (e)lement is a fast and easy sail with forward draft and drive and a great reactive jibe- it will compare very competitively with all other sails in that important twin cam freeride/freerace market.

Cheers ~ Ian

gold 7th October 2006 09:52 PM

RE: SeverneSails2007
Hi Ian,

Thank you for your quick answer.

I've just checked the severne site, and it has been updated today ! :)nice work (only one regret : the weights of the sails is still missing...).

My question : I have a 9.5 ; which other size do you suggest for my slalom 145 liters (next sail : NP Jet 6.9 for my starboard aero 117).

Do you think I must use my slalom board (something like an isonic 145) with the only 9.5 (if so i will sell the C2 and get the new Element when available), or get a 8.5 or 7.5 also ?

Or would you advise to sell the C2 9.5 and get only an Element 8.5 ?

Thank you very much.

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