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superidis 2nd April 2008 02:00 PM

2008 Isonic 101 spin out problems
Hi Kevin,
I recently bought the 08 Is 101 for which I'm really happy but unfortunately I experienced some spin outs. I would like your opinion on how to minimize this effect regarding foot strap position mast track position (i.e which are the settings that you're using). Keep in mind that I'm using the production red Drake fins that came with the board (36,42) as for my sails I'm using North Warp F2007 6,8 & 7,8 (85 Kg) and the wind conditions are from 14 to 30 Knots with relatively flat water.
If possible I would like to avoid buying new fins.
Thanks In advance,

Kevin Pritchard 3rd April 2008 03:10 PM

hmm.. could be tough.. the only thinkg that I can say would be to move your Mast track forward a bit and see if that helps.. Otherwise try a different fin.. if you could have any fin in the world get the Debiochet SL 4 36 for this board.


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