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Sami 5th April 2008 02:45 PM

Repairing a worn mast
Hi all,

I've noticed that I there are few fairly deep and narrow grooves about 5 mm wide and 1 mm deep in my Fiberspar 100% carbon mast. I think these may have been caused by cambers not sitting correctly in the mast and the edge of the camber grinding against the mast.

Has anybody experience in repairing this kind of mast damage? I would like to fill the grooves to prevent them getting any deeper if same happens again. Also I think this may have created potential weak spot in the mast which may break some day.

I'm planning to fill the grooves with Hempel epoxy filler that I have also used also in board repair. Is this a good idea? Is there a danger of creating a hard spot in the mast that will break when the mast flexes?



Unregistered 6th April 2008 07:41 AM

You could do some testing with different epoxys. Just grab a piece of cardboard with push out a few small samples of epoxy. Once dry, then you can test the flexibility and see which one is most brittle.

In terms of awesome epoxys ... try JB Weld & Dynagrip. Don't know how well they work on windsurfing gear but they are some of the best epoxy's around.

carvesalot 7th April 2008 09:42 AM

If in doubt, don't use it.

Jean-Marc 7th April 2008 05:39 PM


If it's only the surface of the mast that appears to be worn out, no problem, you can overlay some epoxy filler for protection and repair. However, if some underlying fibers have been cut, are grinded or damaged (they usually appear as white spots), you're in trouble of kinking it permanently or worse breaking it sooner or later at these weak spots. Better to dump it than be sorry way out offshore.

Cheers !


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