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rod_r 21st September 2006 08:31 AM

Second fin for FreeFormula 158
Hi Roger

The fin that came with my FF158 is a 70cm Drake Race, which works well with my 9.0m and surprisingly well with my 7.6m as well.

I was out yesterday in nicely to well powered very flat water on my 9.0m and couldn't help feel the 70cm fin was causing excessive drag.

Could you recommend a minimum fin size which doesn't need to get me upwind at all but just allow me to go faster :-) while still being compatible with overpowered 9m to powered 7.6m conditions.



Roger 23rd September 2006 02:12 PM

RE: Second fin for FreeFormula 158
Hi Rod,
Which Free Formula 158 do you have?
The earlier FF 158 that was based on the GO 160 hull or the later
('05-'06) Free Formula that's the same as the F-Type boards.
I'm surprised that your board came with a 70 cm fin.
That's quite big for either of these boards, good for getting going early in marginal conditions, but pretty much too big for even mildly powered up conditions.
I thought the '05 F-Type 158 came with a Drake R13 Race NR 640.
So, I would suggest a 64 cm fin and perhaps a smaller 58-60 cm fin for your smaller sails.
This should help your top speed and control across the range of use of your FF-158.
Hope this helps,

rod_r 24th September 2006 03:00 AM

RE: Second fin for FreeFormula 158
Thanks Roger

I have the 2004 Free Formula 158, the first in the FType series. The previous owner had problems with the original fin cracking so the dealer replaced it with the 70cm fin. Think I'll go with a 58-60cm fin.



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