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Unregistered 7th April 2008 03:35 AM

is there ratios for weight:sail area
i am 62kgs/136lds what sail area would i need


James 7th April 2008 07:44 AM

Yes, there is a relationship between weight and sail size. However, it is also affected by wind speed. (Stronger wind = smaller sail.) I made a spreadsheet that will calculate the correct sail size for your weight and the wind speed. Check it out:

It says that a beginner your weight should start out with a sail around 4.0 meters squared in winds less than 10 knots, or a smaller sail in winds greater than 10 knots.

It can also help you figure out what size board you need.

Egor 7th April 2008 09:02 AM

very handy spreadsheet James. A bit of room for error but still a good general guide for weight and sail size.

Unregistered 19th April 2008 03:44 AM

thank you was a great help

Unregistered 20th April 2008 07:45 PM

Unable to load spreadsheet.
But would like to add (from my experience and not inconsierable weight (103kg) that higher winds reduce difference in sail size required.(more than you would expect)
For example when 80k mates are on 6 metres I`ll be on 6.5 (or perhaps 7) but by time it gets to 4 metre weather for them I can also get going on same size.
Other thing I`ve picked up is that heavier sailor can push sails above point where they are stable.Sounds obvious but can make sail choice a real problem for heavies.For example the NP Expression is damned good sail and has quite a good range but (IMO) is a poor choice for heavies because its top end is poor.(Even though it has good bottom end power)
Heavier sailors actually need sails with excellent top end control (for size)
Dont think lighter sailors can load sails up enough (relatively) to point where they "break up".They would just feel overpowered;which is different to sail "breaking up".Expression might have a fantastic range for 70k rider but not for a 100.On other hand the Tush Storm has great range for both.(But doesn`t have bottom end of Exp)

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