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Unregistered 9th April 2008 11:03 AM

Remi: how to trim my board & sail
Hi Remi,

I am actually racing in the FE 160 and would like to ask you some tips to improve my results.

0) I weight about 156 lbs and my height is 175cm. Use Overdrive 11.0 2007-I with Chinoook Formula boom and Fiberspar R4800 520cm using 44cm Chinook alloy extension in the base.
I feel this works ok for me. But want more speed upwind downwind. Maybe this mast is good or not for this sail? (yes, I know a Severne mast is better but its not available in most countries of the world).

1) I am using the mast foot exactly in the middle of the mast box. But dont know when is better to put it a few cm forward or back from there.

2) about the boom height I use the boom mostly in the middle mark of the sail for boom height. When is better to have it higher or lower.

3) what about my fin?: some R13 or R19 Drake fins are very soft, order to choose the right one? the harder ones are better always? I feel many times that I have spin out when I push a lot with my back foot going upwind? this happens when I want to go more upwind as i find some other sailors with same equipment go a bit more upwind than me. Is my fin the problem? or maybe I am pushing too much?

4) any other tip about footraps position? harness lines?

thanks, its really complicated to find good info for racing in the net. If there is any link, please tell me.

Best regards,

Unregistered 12th April 2008 05:56 AM
are well worth a read

Remi 12th April 2008 02:32 PM

Hi Marc,

Before to answer, I would like to know if you compete under FE rules?

All the best

Unregistered 14th April 2008 11:14 AM

Yes, I want to have the best setup for my equipment in the FE rules as I want to race this year the international events and be very fast there!


Unregistered 17th April 2008 03:10 PM

Also to add Remi. My board came originally with a R13 70cm fin and after some time it broke so I then changed it for 70cm in R19. Not sure if its better or not.

Remi 17th April 2008 08:26 PM

Hi Marc,

My FE trim :

Boom : Eyes height
Mast : Blue Line 540 with 15 cm tip extension, never try other compagny mast.
Boom : Nautix Jumbo with a special modification, I make a hole in the sail and put a rope between the two arm to make it really stiff. Conclusion better control, more speed and better durability.
Fins : I used the R19 under 12 knots and over the R13 (their is only one stifness for both)
Footstraps : All in the back and outside over 12 knots, under I put the front footstraps inside
Harness line : Long adjustable one, so I can trim my self easily.
Mast base : Middle is the max, I used it more in the back.

Weight : 82 kgs
Height : 1,86m

Hope this help, if you have other questions, it will be welcome.

All the best

Hank 21st April 2008 01:37 AM


Originally Posted by Remi (Post 20999)
Fins : I used the R19 under 12 knots and over the R13 (their is only one stifness for both)

Remi, which stiffness is the above that you recommend for the R19 and R13 ?

Does this stiffness also apply to the 161 and 162 ?

Last question, rake for the above boards for 80kg/175 cm ?

Thanks for your help-

Remi 21st April 2008 07:17 AM

Hi Hank,

In Formula Experience, you have two solution for the fin the R13 rake + 6cm and the R19 rake + 8cm. Their only one stifness available and you can not use other fins than the Drake one.

The F161 and F162 are deliver with the Drake R19 rake + 8cm (same fin as the FE160).

In Formula Windsurfing is different, you can use customs fins. The R19, R20 & R17 works well on this 2 boards.

All the best

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