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Unregistered 12th April 2008 01:37 PM

JP team riding Starboard????
Could there be a mass exodus from JP to Starboard. These pics of Ricardo and Micah riding an isonic was taken in Maui today, while the Starboard crew appeared to be doing their photoshoot just down the beach......

Unregistered 12th April 2008 01:42 PM

Couldn't these just be the Starboard photoshoot boards that their mates at Starboard have lent them?

Ian Fox 12th April 2008 02:54 PM

Yes, we did notice something like that at the other end of the beach and,
nope, they are definitely not loaning our ones...
(Those shown are the 2008's - ours are all new 2009's)

But nice to see that they would like to test the older ones... ;)

Cheers ~ Ian

AlexWind 13th April 2008 01:41 AM

It's simply astonishing seeing the "2008 boards" and "older ones" in the same sentence!

I wonder what kind of toys you've made for the "next" season, I've always liked that stuff..

mark h 13th April 2008 07:40 AM

Did the guy/girl who took the pics go over & chat to Michah & Ricardo? if not, they should have as there there both regular guys. Ricardo is young & V keen so things could change over night with him, but, being a wave head at heart & with Jason Palakow on hand??!! But slalom 63 is the next big thing so who knows???!!!.

Micah is pretty loyal, & would guess that a change after just two years-ish would be a bit soon for him. But again, things can change over night. Micah is a true proffesional athlet, trains like an olimpian & wonts that No1 slalom spot. If he feels SB's boards will give him that edge (like it has for Antion) then dont be suprised if we see a last minute signing.

Not rumours, just speculation & not facts.


steveC 13th April 2008 10:08 AM

I think that we have to remember that many of the sponsered pros take a spin or two on other brands, so let's be pragmatic about things. Pros need to understand their competition. Now, if a real announcement is made about a change, then folks can trip for real.

Unregistered 14th April 2008 02:33 PM

I really don't understand this !
I don't understand this, can somebody please explain me how this is possible?

JP is testing boards that Starboard give away for production 1,5 years ago is it the riders the board or somethig I have missed?

I really don't understand this!

LK 14th April 2008 03:36 PM

Try an Isonic and you understand :-)

Hi Ian, last year Micah & Co. messed around under the *board Helicopter some times, especially when the Pro Kids were filmed.
Guess he don’t this year on the Isonic Ha Ha !
Would be funny with some pictures of Micah in the 2009 Catalogue !!!

But OK he is welcome on the Team

Unregistered 15th April 2008 04:49 AM

Give me a break guys ... pros are normal people just like you & me. They love windsurfing and would be interested & curious to test other gear. I have a fleet of Fanatics but love borrowing my mates JPs or SBs for an hour. No big deal, just fun testing new gear.

Unregistered 15th April 2008 11:11 AM

True, But I can kind of see the point here that as far as I understand it they were using the boards on the same beach as the Starboard guys. And not only that but they were doing it during the Starboard photoshoot, which seems a bit weird to me. Do you think Honda test Nissan's cars on the same test track as Nissan? Or Audi grab a drive in a Mercedes at a public event. It does seem strange that the JP guys were using a competitors board so openly in public - kinda of says to me that they are trying to beat the performance of the Starboard - if not then why were they using it?

All quite funny though and quite a cool behind the scenes look at the testing and development side of the sport

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