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SA 68 13th April 2008 05:37 PM

Advice on what board to buy

I am hoping that you can help, I have recently started racing and have found that my free ride gear is not up to it. I have recently got 2xNP V8's, 7,5 & 6,5M. I currently have a 06 Carve 111, which I have been really happy with until now, but it is just not competative with the Falcons.

I have placed an order for an Isonic 101 and from the dimensions I am hoping that it will plane earlier than the Carve - as my firends are getting away from me in lighter winds (13 knots)

Am I correct in assuming that the wider tail is going to make a much bigger difference when racing in lighter winds? Will I get planing earlier on the Isonic 101 than the Carve 111. the rest of the dimensions are very similar to the Carve?

Oh I weigh 75kg

Look forward to hearing your comments

Chris Pressler 13th April 2008 07:03 PM

Hi SA 68,
you are absolutely right. The Isonic 101 will plan very early and will accelerate more than the Carve 111. You can carry a bigger sailsize than you have in your quiver. Aestimate a 8,0 to 8,4. The tail got wider a bit and that means it allows bigger fins (38 cm - 42 cm). The board is definitely a great choice. If you think about to get a 9,0, too I would decide for the iSonic 111, but for the 7,5 and the 6,5 the 101 is just perfect.

Just come back if you should have further questions.

Ride on,

SA 68 15th April 2008 03:45 AM

I 101

Thanks for the advice - I can't wait to get the board on the water - does it have cut out?

Chris Pressler 15th April 2008 03:57 AM

No problem. Yes, the Isonic 101 has cut outs and side cuts.
Enjoy the board, you will like it.


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