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Phil66 14th April 2008 08:48 PM

KODE 86 vs ACID 86

I just got the new KODE specs and I am wondering if the Kode 86 is the right board to replace my 06 Pure Acid 86 wood.

I love the 06 PA 86 which is a great allround board for me at 85 kg. Its narrow tail combined with ample max width works great in the "slow waves" I have to put up with most of the time. At the same time, it is quite fast, goes upwind very well and is quick to plane (despite above average weight at 7.7 kg with fin and straps), all qualities that I do not find in the evos.

It seems that for 09, Starboard is only offering the evo, a twin fin (evil?) and the Kode.

My questions are:

- Can the Kode offer the same waveriding ability as the Pure Acid? Is it not just a freestyle wave board (JP style with big bouncy rails)?
- With a tail width of 38.5 cm can the Kode 86 handle high wind (4.0m-4.7m weather) as well as the PA 86?

Thanks in advance.


Ola_H 15th April 2008 11:32 AM

As usual, commenting on any "new" gear is postponed until aug 15 when the new site is released.

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