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Unregistered 30th April 2008 02:15 PM

Starboard and Olympics
This is copy/paste from their formula page

Project Apollo: With the new two year registration period, the Formula Windsufing class aims to grow stronger, more stable and more popular. Its goal is to become a fantastic candidate as the new 2012 Windsurfing Olympic class. Imagine Kevin Pritchard, Micah Buzianis, Antoine Albeau, Julien Quentel, Steve Allen and all of windsurfing's greatest names battling it out for sport's most prestigious medal. With this in mind, Starboard developped Project Apollo to offer a board fitting within the Formula Windsurfing rules yet virtually guarantees heats to take place even in light winds thanks to a super-low planing threshold.

I cant imagine these guys fighting it out for the Gold medal.
For one thing, four of them are from the same two countrys! Its not teams racing.
Another thing is most of them will be 45 or something in 2012!! apart from Quentel

another thing is none of the pros could cut it in RSX and they still wont be able to if it becomes the apollo

Be carefull what you wish for Starboard.

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