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pullo 30th April 2008 08:00 PM

EVO 100 lt wood
Hi, I want to buy the Evo 100 lt wood, someone of you know the performance of table in light wind condition? too much heavy?? Italy I can not find in any windsurf shop....why?...where I colud buy??
Thanks and sorry for my English.

Ola_H 30th April 2008 08:59 PM

Hi Roberto.

A few questions first:
What's your weight?
What max sail do you want to use?
In what kind of conditions do you intend to use the board?

Unregistered 5th May 2008 06:49 AM


check this link:

there are all the shops and dealers that carry Starboard in Italy, maybe one of them have the board in stock.

Ricardo Guglielmino

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