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windsurferdagg 4th May 2008 11:00 PM

Overtaking chop on jibes
I was out in overpowered 5.8 conditions yesterday and seemed to be having trouble keeping speed in my jibes. I was on my hypersonic 111 from 2004 which I know isn't the greatest jiber. I have never really had this problem jibing it before. I was sailing in decent sized chop (knee high I guess) doing some speed runs etc. When I was I just regularily sailing, I had no problem getting around all the way etc, but when I had a lot of speed, I always overtook the chop and then lost all the board speed.

What am I doing wrong? I try my best to keep with the chop (wide arc) and cannot do a tight jibe with the hyper. Is it just a commitment issue with my jibes in chop?

Thanks a lot for the help,


Unregistered 8th May 2008 12:36 AM

if overpowered it shouldn' really be a problem to complete gybe even when bouncing over the back of a couple of swells. Main problem here is usually:
- you might lack commitment
- lack of down force

if you loose your commitment while "bouncing" (ask tigger, a good friend of winnie the pooh) you automatically ease up on downforce -> boards sinks in on the back, breaks kick in, end of story.

lean in, head down, oversheet and lean forward and actively keep issuing down force (pull the boom down), and just continue as always and round you go.

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