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SIN_0 24th September 2006 07:51 PM

tried the 161 today on a 10.5m? in 7-10 kts with the R19 stock fin.

tends to plane earlier than 160. somehow felt better than the 160 in lite air.
still prefer custom fins otherwise stock fin, should be good enough for recreational sailors.

hope the see more post about the 161 soon.

Remi 24th September 2006 08:42 PM

RE: 161
Hi SIN_0,

If you woild like to increase your performances in light wind again, go for the Deboichet Custom R19.

Waiting for your impression in more wind

All the best

G 24th September 2006 09:44 PM

RE: 161
SIN_0 why don't you tell us some more?!
How about pointing?
Is a "free" board or similar to 160?
And what about downwind speed and angle?
Come on...

Remi 25th September 2006 12:25 AM

RE: 161
Hi G,

Ok so this board is really better in all points, and in all wind conditions.
Up wind and down wind angle increase really and the board is again more easy to use. But need really the new Deboichet R 19. The extra power in the tip give an excellent lift.

We have them already in Martinique and we check the difference this week, the F 160 can not follow anymore the F 161 particulary in light wind and strong wind on all tack ,in medium wind the difference is less but steel leading.

All the best

G 25th September 2006 12:58 AM

RE: 161
Thank you Remi.
Wider tail needs powerfull fin to make the board go.
I hope to be able to use my R17 S too.Do you think it'll be possible?If yes,what will be its range?
Still can't understand how it's possible improve low wind and high wind performance at one time.Would you explain why,please Remi?

Remi 25th September 2006 05:42 AM

RE: 161
Hi G,

The Formula is a board whoa have to work as best as possible from 7 to 35 knots, so when we try something new we test it in all conditions to be valid. Each we do like this and the F 160 was beter in light wind and Strong wind compare to the F 159. So we continue in the same spirit.

All the best

JW22 25th September 2006 02:41 PM

RE: 161

Do you test 160 against the 161 with same fin (both on R19?) Does the 160 benefit form the R19 also? Maybe the better angles are somehow related to the new fin also? What about comparing 160 with R13 soft against 160 with R19 ? Does R19 setting win then?

As far as i know increasing lightwind performance works contrary to increasing highwind performance so if you guys are able to do both then you are really on a new track :) The Apollo proves though, for a really light wind performing board you guys made a more stretched scoop rocker (among other things) which makes the board less performing in higher winds, yes

Remi 25th September 2006 06:50 PM

RE: 161
Hi JW22,

We developpe the R19 since 9 month to increase again the performances of the F 161 compare to the F 160. Tha means clearly that the shape of the F 161 was better than the F 160 in all condition with the R 13. But to increase again the performances in light wind the R 19 born.
So of course we try all fin combination and F 161 wining all the time.

"As far as i know increasing lightwind performance works contrary to increasing highwind "

We devellope the Apollo to make an extrem light wind perfomance board with out thinking about high wind. This board is better in light wind but not in strong wind, but if you compare the performances of the F 159 to F 160, easy to see that the F 160 win in all conditions. So we increase the light wind performances and high wind performances.

So the plan now with what we learn from the Apollo, is to make a board who cover the Apollo and the F 161 for next year. So only one board.

All the best

G 25th September 2006 07:57 PM

RE: 161
Thank you Remi.
Any advice about R19 stiffness and rake for people around 80 kg?
As I've already asked in a post above,would you please tell us if R17 (S) would be right used on 161 and if yes what will be the moment to put it in?
thank you

Remi 26th September 2006 12:59 AM

RE: 161
Hi G,

We still continue the devellopement to have the best fin for the F 161 and right now the machine is the R 19 soft -- rake + 8cm. Be carefull to be used until 15 knots max. No reason to use it over the R 13 medium rake + 8 cm have more glide over 15 knots.

The R 17 soft is a good fin in stable wind condition, but until you get light unstable wind condition the R 19 is by far better.

All the best

All the best

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