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zozeboze 11th May 2008 04:43 AM

board volume for me
I would like to buy a new board and don't know if the Kombat 89 would be to small for me. I weight 75 kg, have no problems with waterstart, jibing ok on my actual F2 Stoke 116 liters. Now I like to try some tricks. So 89 or 96 would be better?

Screamer 11th May 2008 05:41 AM


I think at your weight go for 89, no way it will feel small. I'm 86+ kilos, and have no problems with my K86 unless in 5 knots. What sails do you want to use with it? It's good from about 4.5 to 6.0. Only if you will spend most of the time with a 6.5 on it, you'll need a 96.

Ola_H 13th May 2008 03:24 AM

No, it is not too small. Jibing might take some more concentration at first, but that is something you get used to quickly. The 86 will definitely be a more allround board for general sailing than a bigger version.

But if you are mainly focused on freestyle tricks (and sail a lot 5.3 and above) a 96 could make sense, but then it might even make more sense to get a freestyle board like the Flare.

If it is a multi purpose board with a wide range you're looking for, the Kombat 86 is probably the best choice.

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