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John Kemsley 14th May 2008 05:46 PM

North Matchrace Cambers
Help! Has anyone used a North Matchrace on a "normal" diameter mast? My new mast will be normal sized, will the cambers be to big/tight? Any solutions>


Unregistered 15th May 2008 12:40 AM

You will most likely have to grind the cams a bit. I'm using a match race with an old fat dynafiber mast and the cam arms were originally too narrow and the rollers did not touch the mast. The solution was to take dremel and sand paper. Take out the cams from the sail and place against mast and you will see how much you need to take off.
Don't sand too much or the cam will pop off the mast. But you definitely want to take off enough so the rollers smoothly move against the mast itself with no friction. I took off a lot and didn't have problems. The sail rotates stiffly and it needs a punch/kick but from what i've read online this is problem even when rigging on recommended mast.

mark h 15th May 2008 02:10 AM

I used to love the old NS matchrace, I had the 7, 7.8 & 9m. I was'nt using North mast then. Arrows 490 in the 9 & 7.8, and a Tushingham in the 7m. Like unreg says, grind alot of the cams to make fit but rotation is'nt good (never was on the matchrace). I ended up changing the cams for Gaastra nitro cams, these worked brilliantly, easy to rig and rotat.

John Kemsley 16th May 2008 03:38 PM

Thanks guys

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