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chefandy 18th May 2008 03:54 AM

weed finn for furtura 144
I just bought a futura 144,, so i am having some questions reg. weed finns,, my sail range is going from 7 - 9.8,, and i already have a 36 cm weed finn,, would that be enough, or will i need a bigger for my 9.8 sail?? And would the 50 cm stock finn cover the sails range or will i need a bigger?? I already have a 58 cm finn,, is that to big??

Best regards


steveC 18th May 2008 08:36 AM


You should check out Wolfgang Lessacher's fins. They are different than most, but much better in my opinion. No spinout, lots of windward drive, and a more compact size overall. Wolfgang is really on top of the game when it comes to weedfins. I can honestly say that I'm suitably impressed with performance characteristics.

James 18th May 2008 08:48 AM

You'll definately need bigger than 36 cm for the 9.8. Maybe 46 cm with a regular weed fin, or 40 cm with a Lessacher weed fin. Roger Jackson is an expert on weed fins, so maybe he'll chime in.

With regards to the 50 cm stock fin and a 9.8, I think it will work when you are powered up, but the 58 might help in marginal conditions. It's worth a try, anyway.

Good luck!

Lessacher 20th May 2008 12:39 AM

Hallo Andy! Duo Weedfin 36cm in 100% carbon is big enough. She is diagonal 50cm long. Wolfgang

Roger 20th May 2008 11:56 AM

Hi Andy,
I think the 36 cm Lessacher Duo will do all that Wolfgang suggests.
I think James may be correct that your stock 50 cm fin may not be large
enough for your 9.8 rig.
The 58 cm should be OK in lighter winds, but you my get some tailwalking if you
use a 58 cm when fully powered to overpowered on the 9.8.
What 40 cm weed fin do you have.
Some 40cm weed fins will work with big sails, some don't.
Hope this helps,

Lessacher 20th May 2008 11:10 PM

Hallo Roger! I bought a Isonic 135 from 2006. 80cm wide. The board is only for testing fins
and to have fun. Atfirst a 32 cm Duo Weedfin in carbon. With 7,6 mē Stealth and 9,4
Nitro 2004. Worked very good. Later tried I Freeride and Slalom fins. 42 and 45cm.
The board want always to sail higher against the wind, than I would. With speed no problem.
Okay, I can hold the sail more in front, but thats nothing to relaxe . So I took a 36 cm
Duo Weedfin . To start no problem, only fun. Rake 45° works very good for so short boards.
I tried later a rake 30° fin. 28cm vertical. She is diagonal 35cm long. To start easier than
upright fins, downwind like a train, 7,6 mē was okay, for 9,4mē i have to work a 32cm rake
30° fin. I worked now 3 years for rake 30° fins, I try to forget the other fins.
22cm 25cm 28cm and soon 32cm. I dont forget you Roger , but only now comes the
time,that I can say, that they are good for all people, or better for the most people.
They look how the Le Wo Duo Speed and are 2cm wider.

Roger 21st May 2008 04:26 AM

Hi Wolfgang,
And.....when do I get to try some of these 30% fins.
I've been totally intrigued with the Duo's (I need to trade them out as they have seen
alot of demo sailing but are getting a bit worn on the tips), which has increased my
curiosity levels about the 30 deg. fins (not as weed fins, but as something really fast that shares the characteristics of both a 45 deg. weed fin and a fully vertical race fin.
You are the man with the plan, Wolfgang!

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