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mark h 19th May 2008 06:16 AM

7 knots wind minimum-Slalom 42
After using various SB formula boards for the last 5/6 years for summer breezes. This year I thought I'd see what the new breed of light wind slalom boards where all about. I'v got the iS144, 9m Warp, 11m Warp (emergency super light days only) & a couple of decent big fins. I'v not needed to use the iS144 as yet but the way the winds are going in the UK, its going to finally get alot of use. I was kind of thinking that this combo would only work in 10ish knots, not any less.

I'v just read some of the PWA slalom 42 rules and noticed that the required wind minimum for races is 7 knots (I thought it was 11 knots minimum). This has really suprised me as its the same wind minimum for older PWA formula events.

Am I right in thinking that with an active style, these new light wind slalom boards and 10m sails will get going as early as Formula? I appreciat the upwind differences between the two, but will my iS144 really give a formula a run for its money down wind in sub 9/10 knot winds.

If 7 knots is do-able, then it makes me think I should loose the 9 & 11 Warps and replace with a 9.9 warp or Ram2008???

Any comments/exeriences would be great

Ken 19th May 2008 08:58 PM

7 knots? Can't be right unless all slalom racers are under 50 kg. As a formula sailor at 80kg, I feel confident that it's 11 knots for slalom.

With an 11.0 and a F160, it takes at least 8-9 knots for me to get going with a lot of pumping.

Slalom boards of equal volume will not plane quicker than Formula boards.

James 19th May 2008 11:08 PM

They did say something about a 7 knot wind minimum on the PWA website, with reference to the recent competition in Korea, but it sounded really screwy to me. There must be some caveat like, "no holes less than 7 knots anywhere on the course anytime during the race". That would probably amount to about an 11 knot average, depending on how gusty the wind was.

mark h 19th May 2008 11:55 PM

Well thats the thing, at 105kg my old F159/11m and a powerfull fin needed 6 to 7 knots to going, but only if I pumped like a demon.

The PWA slalom 42 rules are clear, 7 knot min. The wind most be 7k over the entire course and if it drops below 7k for more than 20 secs, the race is cancelled.

7k used to also be the wind min for PWA Formula course racing, so looks like slalom can match formula!! although its down wind slalom and up/down wind course racing.

There was talk about increasing the new 2009 slalom format to 11 knots.

Duracell 21st May 2008 12:39 AM

88 Kg + helmet, floatation, suit(5/4) etc.etc.etc. iS133 w85 10.4 sail RS7 57 fin really get me planing earlier than ever before (I would think somewhere 7-8 kts (not 9, then I could already use a smaller sail!) but then I'll draw the wrath of others blablabla). That combo gets me going much earlier than last year and that was already awsome. I can even go upwind in basically non planing conditions (for all others). Still not happy about the wood part of the equation but I read somewhere that next year I might not have to bother with wood anymore...

mark h 22nd May 2008 05:24 AM

Thanks for all the comments. Think I agree with Duracell. My take on it is that once you reach a certain max width, tail width, fin & sail size etc, theres little in terms of early planing. To a certain point, extra width, fin & sail will cause unnecassary drag.

For the masses, a formula might be easier to get going in super light winds CW light wind slalom, in reality you only loose 1 or 2 knots of required wind to get going. Technic, ridder imput and energy are king in the super early planing displayed by top PWA competitors.

Its easy to misunderstand formula's super wide tails, grunty fins & 12m sails as early planing aids, but those things are about up/down wind angles required for course racing and not necasseraly for early planing.

Any way with the crap winds that where getting in the UK, I expect to get a couple of thousand miles done on my iS144 pretty soon so we shall see. My thoughts might wrong & I could change my tune, then I'll have go running back to formula.

Phill104 22nd May 2008 02:25 PM


I would rather go out on displacement kit than play around with massive sails on formula. Yes, I can get planing on massive but I find it a bit dull and a very odd feeling. I fully intend to use light winds to just get out and muck around rather than go the huge kit route.

Mind you, if these bloody easterlies don't sort themselves out soon I might change that opinion.

mark h 22nd May 2008 03:14 PM

Hi Phil
Same over at West Kirby, 5 week spell of easterlies and forcasted to stick around for at least another week. The MTB is getting loads of attention (till the westerlies return).

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