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velistapazzo 19th May 2008 08:49 PM

Isonic 122 & 96 or 122 & 86
Hi, I'm 86kg and I have a Isonic 122. I like very much slalom. I'm moving to canary islands (Fuerte or Gran Canaria). So I'd like to buy a smaller Isonic to cover the wind range over there, obiously not for hardwavespots (I have also a Jp FSW 84): the problem is that some people tell me 96, others is much better the 86. And the 101 (the real volume I heard is 96 but is more wide) is too big?
Thank you

Hookipa18 19th May 2008 09:40 PM

I have the iSonic 125 and 94 (comparable to 122 and 96). For me this works well. The overlap is with the 7.7 that I sue on the 125 but also as biggest sail on the 94. I'm 92kg and sail the 94 with a 5.7 race sail as smallest. This works great, but think the board would be too big for a 5.0 race sail.

I didn't go for the iSonic 101 because I wanted a smaller faster (GPS) board that I could use also with my 7.7. The 86 was too small for that.

For the Canaries and the fact that you are a bit lighter I would go for the 86

Phill104 20th May 2008 01:20 AM

I have found the 86 to be a superb and easy to sail board right up to 7m. I also weigh 86kg and if I was in your position the 86 would be my choice. But that all depends what you want it for. The 96 will allow for bigger sails and probably planes a little earlier as a result but it isn't quite as well mannered as the 86 IMO. If you are racing in marginal 7m conditions then the 96 would probably be better. If you are likely to be on <6.5 more often then the 86 is the weapon of choice especially if you want speed in the Fuerta chop. The 86 is a fantastic board, one I can see me owning for a long time.

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