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Floyd 19th May 2008 09:59 PM

What happened to NP sails ???
It used to be that a NP sail could be rigged to exactly its published stats.The given dimensions were spot on for a starting point and even the variation in tuning trim given was accurate.I`ve recently upgraded (I use the word almost sarcastically) from Searches to Alpha`s. Yep the sails feel great but no way on earth do any of them (mine at least) rig to the stats.
Eg my 4.7 states 405 luff and 167 boom.
I sail it on around 401 (+/- 1) and 169 (+/-1)
Its same story with my 5.4 !!!
Reckon sail would rip in 2 if I downhaulled it o 405 !!
Anybody else found same ???

Whats going on at NP ??
Missing Bjorn ???

qldsalty 21st May 2008 06:19 AM

Are you using NP extention and mast? I found the chinook is very different to NP extention in the past. With MXT extention no worries. I just received a 6.2 Alpha. I found it very easy to rig and spot on with measurments.

Unregistered 22nd May 2008 02:31 AM

missing Jimmy Diaz!!!


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