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JJG 21st May 2008 03:16 AM

Second fin for Futura 122
Hello from Brussels,
You are recommending a quiver of two fins to bring out the best of the board. So for the Futura 122 what extra fin shall I consider buying to boost the wind range of my new board..and spend more time sailing?
Sails: 7 and 8m2
Weight: 74Kg
Level expert

Roger 21st May 2008 04:37 AM

Since you only have 7.0 m2 and 8.0 m2 rigs (wow, that's a very close quiver spacing) where do you want the additional range?
Go larger than the stock Freeslalom 40 cm fin if you want better early planing with your 8.0 m2, and also tune your sail with a bit less downhaul and outhaul.
Go smaller than the stock Freeslalom 40 cm fin if you want more high wind range out of your 7.0 m2. You may want to tune your 7.0 m2 with lots of downhaul and some additional outhaul.
With only these 2 sails, I'd think the stock 40 cm fin would be pretty good, and getting another fin 4-6 cm larger (or smaller) would increase your range, but you have to decide if you want a 44-46 cm for better light wind performance, or a 34-36 for better high wind performance.
Also, you will have to decide if you want to stay with the free slalom/ freeride type of fins or go with a more vertical slalom fin for the larger or a more curvy and forgiving design for the smaller fin.
There's alot more to selecting fins than simple span (depth) numbers.
Hope this helps,

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