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New Testing Online magazine have just launched their first online test, and its all FREE. Covering the always popular 120 litre freeride catagory, 12 boards from all the major brands are tested to their limits, including the Starboard Futura 122.

Its the first interactive test and being online gives it loads of extra features not available to the printed press. Sort the boards in price order, order of top speed or even by fin size if thats what you want. On top of this there are detailed pics of just about everything that might be of interest to you.

Boardseeker also introduce a new concept in testing and bring you the "CLONES". Every sailor in this world is different, everyone has different expectations of exactly what a board should really do. The CLONES are everything from beginners through to World Cup Pros. Through their thorough testing they can really understand the strong and weak points of every board, bringing a new level of balanced testing.

Check it out here and see what you think.

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