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vincebank 26th May 2008 08:54 PM

Mast for Severne Overdrive 6.0
Hello All,

I have posted a thread on the french forum but I did not get a precise answer.

I have bought a Serverne OD 6.0 2008 and used it on a Gun Terminator 70% constant curve from 2003 and the result is not so good. As the mast is old and wanted to change it anyway I am looking to buy a 75% carbon mast but I do not plan to buy a Severne Blue line mast for now as I have a credit note in a shop that does not sell Severne mast.

Alternatively they sell Amex mast and Side on mast. Will one of them fit the sail?
Question: What type of mast is the Serverne Overdrive 2008 designed for?
Constant Curve? Flex top? drop shape etc....

Jesper Orth 27th May 2008 02:52 PM


The Overdrive 6.0 2008 is most towards constant curve.

We heard from other customers that the Amex mast can be used with the Overdrive

Best regards

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