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Unregistered 9th June 2008 08:40 PM

Board Bags
Just a question to see how many other people have had the same problem as me with a bad design fault on most board bags. I sail in salt water and keep my board in a board bag so the ropes on the roof rack don't destroy it but the zips are made of metal and so the salt after every session builds up around them, and after a few sessions the zips are completely broken and where the salt and water has corroded them. Why don't companies make board bags with strong plastic zips like wetsuit zips which dont break when in contact with salt water or use velcro or something else? any thoughts anyone? starboard?

crazychemical 9th June 2008 09:48 PM

i always disliked the idea of metal zippers. They rust or corrode. Plastic may be more expensive but at least it'll last you a lifetime.

steveC 10th June 2008 02:17 AM

You might want to look into DaKine bags. Mine are quite a few years old (7-10 years), but both incorporate large tooth plastic zippers.

Mike T 10th June 2008 03:10 AM

You might try to replace the metal zipper pulls with plastic pulls. Take the bag to marine sewing shop. They usually have Ykk zipper pulls. I replaced the metal pulls on a prolimits board bag with new metal pulls and then lubed the zipper with Starbrite marine zipper lube. Use a seam ripper and undo the end of the zipper, slide on a new pull. Then hand sew the end shut so the pull does'nt come out of the end of the zipper. Also try this stuff Boeshield T-9 Corrosion Protection Waterproof Lubrication works great at loosens rusty and corroded parts, displaces water and coats metal with a thin waxy film.

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