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Unregistered 23rd June 2008 05:58 AM

Flare as a freeride
Hi Folks
Can i get some feedback on using a flare as a freeriding board please. I currently have 80lts pureacid and want to change my other two JPs to *board. They are a xcite ride 95 and 106 supercross. I'd like to have only one board so thinking of a 99 flare. We get great backside swell riding here so will the flare be turnie enough? Wanting to get more into tricks so its best for that but I don"t want to sacrafice the playing on the swells. Also think it will plan earlier than the 95 so that would get rid of the 106 which I hardly use because of the locked in feel. Will the 09 be better for this or a 08 is acceptible too. Friends have JP Freestyles and reccomend these but I'd like to get a *board if it will work
Thanks heaps

Unregistered 3rd July 2008 11:53 AM

Hi GeoffNZ,

It's an interesting request. The Flares are 100% freestyle boards so the 99 is definitely a good choice for that purpose. It's a pretty floaty board that planes up fast so I have no doubt that it is the board and size that will fit your need.

My only reservation is that you seem keen on using the board for some waveriding too. The Flare 99 does have a constant curve rocker that makes it turny, but depending on how much the turniness is important to you, it would be a good idea to check out the Kombat range too: it's designed specifically to be both a freestyle board and a wave riding board. There's a 96 litres and a 105 litres option, which is either side of your ideal volume though.

All the best,


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