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Unregistered 23rd June 2008 07:26 AM

Flare as a freeride
Hi Folks
Can i get some feedback on using a flare as a freeriding board please. I currently have 80lts pureacid and want to change my other two JPs to *board. They are a xcite ride 95 and 106 supercross. I'd like to have only one board so thinking of a 99 flare. We get great backside swell riding here so will the flare be turnie enough? Wanting to get more into tricks so its best for that but I don"t want to sacrafice the playing on the swells. Also think it will plan earlier than the 95 so that would get rid of the 106 which I hardly use because of the locked in feel. Will the 09 be better for this or a 08 is acceptible too. Friends have JP Freestyles and reccomend these but I'd like to get a *board if it will work
Thanks heaps

Unregistered 24th June 2008 01:42 PM


personally i have used the Flare, the S-type, Kombat and Evos in 90 liters and more...

I think the Flare is a great freestyle board. The Evo a great wavesailing board.

but if you are looking for a freeride board and you plan to go waveriding backside. Still want some speed and also do some freestyle tricks, then go to the Kombat, its a very nice board and I think would work better for what you are looking for.

Its a nice board for tricks, easy for backside riding and good for freeriding. Its a one for all board and durable.

best luck!
Ricardo Guglielmino
Starboard team

Ola_H 24th June 2008 04:19 PM

I agree with Ricardo. I Kombat will be MUC better for backside riding and can still do som nice freestyle.

Unregistered 25th June 2008 05:36 AM

how will the new Kode rate then, is it more turnie than the Kombat.

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