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raggy 24th June 2008 11:25 AM

Tuning Tips For S-type 93 Ltr
HI Guys do any of you have any tuning tips for the 93ltr s-type


crazychemical 24th June 2008 02:45 PM

Hey Raggy, tuning is a very personal thing and a very variable thing. Depending on what you expect the board to do you'll change footstrap settings and with the s-type you can even change the amount of straps from 4 to 3. Also you need to look at what sails you're sailing in what conditions with which fins. Then you need to look at you're level of expertise to judge how you want your board to be tuned. But as a good average one could say: go for the standard settings.

jmunkki 11th July 2008 03:47 PM

As Crazychemical said, tuning is quite a personal thing, so you have to find what works for you.

I like riding my S-Type 93 well powered up and on the fin, so the fin has to be powerful enough, but also "slippery fast" and reliable at the same time. The 34 cm Drake Slalom (SR6B replica) that came with my HS96 turned out to be a pretty good fin for it for larger sails sizes (5.8-6.8). I recently got some C3 Venom fins and the 32 has been sweet with a 5.8 sail. I use Lessacher LeWo speed fins for 5.0 (27 or 30) and switch to a smaller board below that.

I remember Ian Fox saying that the S-Type 93 is probably at its best near its maximum sail size and well powered up. I sort of ignored that for a long time, remembering how much better 6.8 was on bigger boards. A few weeks ago, I tried 6.8 on the S-Type 93 and was very positively surprised, so I'll re-visit that combination when the wind permits (maybe later today).

The ST93 is turning out to be one of my all time favorite boards.

Roger 11th July 2008 08:13 PM

Hi Raggy,
I ddin't coment on your post here, as I have no experience on the S-Type 93.
But looking at what CC and jmunkKi have posted, I agree completely.
Juri (Munkki) has been at this along time, and if he likes his ST-93 setup, I
would take his advice. His skills may be different than yours, so watch out, that little board may "take off" and go alot faster than you really want until you get yourself dialed in on haw fast it can be.
As Crazy Chemical suggests, tuning small boards is a very individual thing, so you need
as much time on the water as possible to figure out what makes this little board really "sweet" for you, at your sailor weight, in your conditions, and with your rigs.
Start out with the mast foot pretty far back and sail the board well powered up (as Juri suggests) and then find your own individual sweet spot for the mast foot, and try a few different fins if you can.
At some point you will get everything balanced and sailing the ST-93 will become pretty much effortless.
Hope this helps,

tjebbe 8th August 2008 01:35 PM

Hi Raggy, a year ago I switch from a carve 90 to the st-93 and that was immediately a succes. The board has a broader range and that gives more sailing time.

Indeed you have to try several settings and find out what suits you best. I can share my experience and maybe it can help you.

I sail with the foodstraps on the inside, because of the better control in chop. Depending on the sail size and wind, but my average mast position is 1/4 from the back of the board.

The fins I use are from select. I have the s-ride an a supercross fin.
a 28cm supercross for my 5.0 (NP search) and sometimes my 5.7. Supercross is my favorit fin, maybe not the fastest but it's more fun and feels good in more choppy conditions.
Normally I sail the 5.7 (NP saber) with the s-ride 30cm, works good too. I tried a 6.6 (NP spirit) with the s-ride 30 cm and 34cm, probably a 32cm would be better for me. My weight is 75kg.
Enjoy surfing!

Ulf 11th August 2008 12:11 PM

Hi raggy, I had a Stype 93 2006. You will love this board. IT's true volume is 99 ltrs. I used it with a 6.7 RS Racing and found that slightly big in marginal conditions but great when there was good power. The fin I used was also the 34 sr6b form a hypersonic 111. This was the G10 fin not the moulded one some boards have. If you can get one you'll find a really good match. I also sailed it with 5.7 Saber 2007 and used the same fin. When it got really hectic I'd put in a Select 29 SL7. I found the 5.7 for my weight 85kg's the sweet spot.
The bit you want to know is tuning. With both set ups I would set the round plate of your uni joint just meeting the edge where the track gets wider. This puts the locking pin about central in the mast track. I moved forward and back but it never felt as good as the position above. Boom I put 3/4 up on the luff panel cut out, and always used the lower hole for the clew. ( Neil Pryde sails and base/mast/booms ).
I found with this board just lock it down and hit the chop fast. It seems to go through a lot better when you are really motoring, and it bounces a lot it you back off. probably due to the extra volume.

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