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NORTHY 25th June 2008 04:05 AM

stepping down from 80xtv - Ideas?
Hi (Ola?)

I love my 80 (23cm fin) in extracting max fun in local gusty 5.2-5.8 winds for dtl riding, but when its honking (4.5) it does feel a bit of handful as i found in 40mph on Sunday.

If i were to chop the 80 in for a smaller board - which would you go for - 75 or 70? I recall Boards commented they were almost the same?! I weigh about 82kg and love to ride DTL but with more enthusiasm than skill! I know you love the 70 but you are (a) a million times better than me (ive seen your pics), and (b) weigh much less than me. What d'ya think?

If it helps any i sail Ezzy sails 5.8, 5.2, 4.5 - but might even swap these out for Naish Sessions in the future.

I guess i could keep the 80 and then go 70, or i could swap the 80 for the 75/70 and then look at a 90-ish Evo as well (i currently have a 94 RRD FSW but considering swapping it for something more riding dedicated as i hardly ever want to use it)

Or maybe i should just wait till Aug 15th and a Evil Twin fin eh?!

>>>Your thoughts?


Ola_H 25th June 2008 03:51 PM

Tough to say. I would say the 70 is clearly the better high wind board of the two (75 and 70) despite them in many ways being similar. The 08 70 is a tad bigger than earlier versions and the 07 is the smallest and the one that for me is the most all round. But at your weight the 08 70 is probably the best bet of the bunch. In any sort of powered up conditions the 70 will definitely be big enough and I would say that you can use it with a 5.2 to if you use the 23cm fin you have.

Another reason to recommend the 70 is that is will partner the 80 better and since you like the 80 I think it makes sense to keep that one. At your weight is it s super all round board. A 90 will be a bit more effective in some type of conditions, but you will not get the same total range out of it.

If you really want to get at the increased light wind range, then you need to base your quiver around an EVO 90. It is still a super loose board, its just that you need to avoid sailing overpowered as you can with a smaller EVO. A natural partner for the 90 is the EVO 75 (08) which is still a big step up in high wind control relative the 80. Of course, you _could_ also partner a 90 with a 70, but that will leave the important mid range a bit empty. When a 90 is overpowered you can sail a 70, but you will miss the option to tune your sailing by choosing boards (which is often very nice).

A third (or is it forth) option is to go 70+80+100 (or even 90). But don't forget that the 90/100 more adds float and schlogging comfort than planing effectiveness if 5.8 is the biggest sail.

Regarding the small Evil, its to early to give much away, but essentially I would say its similar to a 08 EVO 70 in control, so yes, it may become an option if you feel "experimental". Personally I love the special feeling a twin fin gives but I have also been just as satisfied sailing single fins the last few (Very Good) days here in Sweden. EVOs are EVOs and just as with most well known board models you can pretty much know what to expect and by now I can reasonably accurately predict how different sailors will find the board. But twin fin boards are new and not so much is known about how they will work in different conditions for different sailors. Many reports are tainted by the novelty factor, I feel. But my preliminary guess is still that twin fin boards will indeed work very well also for many "non-super-expert" sailors. So again, if you feel experiental, aug 15 may be worth waiting for.

NORTHY 25th June 2008 04:56 PM

Thanks Ola - seems like i got some thinking to do! ie get a 70 to complement exisiting boards or swap current 80/94 for 75/92.....unfortunately i cant easily try em first..will see.

You know of anyone selling a 08 70 / 75 (wood)?

Not sure about twinnys yet (in general, not starboard per se) - I will await to hear some beach and mag reviews / the mkt to stabilise a little perhaps...maybe next year.

Ola_H 26th June 2008 04:41 AM

No, I don't know of anyone selling a 70.

Chris Pressler 28th June 2008 05:37 PM

Hi Northy,
I would recommend the EVO 70. Its such a sweet one and matches great with the 80 in combination. Your weight is fine. You are not too heavy.


Surfmeister 29th June 2008 09:32 PM

How does the 75 07 compare with the 75 08? It seems that the 07 has more top-end (i.e. better in fast and/or high wind conditions) whilst the 08 is faster on the plane, more user friendly but becomes "nervous" earlier?

Chris Pressler 29th June 2008 09:51 PM

Hi Surfmeister,
the 08 EVO 75 xtv feels much more loose to me and has a wider windrange. I sailed the 75 most of the time with 4,2 and can control the size in a lot of wind. Both boards started early to plan. The big difference in my opinion is in the bottom turn. The 08 carves much more accurate and quicker.

Hope I could help you a bit,

Ray Timm 29th June 2008 10:49 PM

I haven't sailed the E75-08. Regarding the E75-07 I found it sticky and not particularly quick to plane compared to all of the Evos that proceeded it. In general I find the E74 quick to plane and quite loose. The E75-07 needs power to get up and go; however, in high wind conditions on big waves I found it better than the earlier models. Depends what you want, but I think you'd be happier with a E75-08. I'm also a big fan of all the E70 models and I weigh 85 kg. In general once the wind require me to be on a 5.0 I found they planned as quickly as the 74s and 75. They tend to have a more drawn out, precise feeling turn compared to the 74s and they rule in overpowered, rough water conditions.

Ola_H 30th June 2008 01:41 AM

I agree on the 07 75. Once powered its nice. But days when its marginal it feels a bit sticky and it is not as loose on the wave either. I have one left tricked out with thrusters if you wanna try. For big waves and offshore the 07 might be better, but for anything else I think the 08 is better.

The 70 is super sweet regardless of year. My favourite is the 07. The 08 is similar but a tad thicker which might be good for you but is unnecessary for a lightweight like me.

NORTHY 30th June 2008 04:56 PM

Thanks for all the responses guys!

Ive now heard elsewhere that the 70 has a little extra "McK/Tiesda fairy dust" in it compared to the 75, and even for an intermediate 82kg DTL-er like myself it might be more applicable as a higher wind board than the 75 - esp if im keeping the 80.

(btw - had a really fun session on the 80 again yesterday, it was light cross-on so used a 25cm drake rather than the 23 with my 5.8 - really great 1 hr session jumping off the waist high waves in the rare uk sunshine....still didnt pull the trigger on them loops though :-I )

Regarding the 90 v 100 - at 81 kg (weighed myself this morning - yeah - ive lost 1 kg!), what would the 100 realistically offer me over the 90...Ive noticed from the specs its looks look a similar planshape / width, so im guessing the 100 is essentially a thicker / corkier version which although adding to the feel of bouyancy will make it a LOT more cumbersome riding at my weight? Is it fair to say that the 100 is more aimed at someone antoine's weight ie 95Kg and if im looking for a schlogging / riding tool then 90 would be nearer the money?

Aggghhh - i think im talking myself into a 70+80+? kinda quiver when ive been trying to get back to just two boards!

Thanks again!

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