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Christhefish 27th September 2006 07:10 PM

Kombat 107

I have been windsurfing for just over a year now and I have gone from a Go 155 to my latest board a Carve 133, the problem is where I sail when ever the wind gets up so does the swell and it is very hard to keep the board from bouncing around like a space hopper!! I was thinking of getting a kombat 107 as this will act as my waveboard and still be able to handle the flat water that we sometimes get, I am at the stage now where I can waterstart faily easily and I am now just trying to pull off a carve gybe, which untill now I have not managed.

I have spent a fantastic week in Vassiliki where I was able to sail a carve 122 and a 111 with no problems, unfortantley the kombats were never availible to try.

So my question is do you think the Kombat 107 would be a possible long term choice, as an alround board for me, I weigh 65kg.

All the best


Ola_H 28th September 2006 03:26 PM

RE: Kombat 107
Hit Chrishefish

The Kombats are very easy to sail boards only a tiny bit more technical than the super easy carves. So, I definitely think a Kobat is a nice next step and since they really rip in waves too you can probably keep it for a long time when you evolve as a sailor.

The tricky thing is sizing. You don't mention sail sizes which makes it even more tricky. I would say that despite that you are coming of bigger boards, you are probably better of with a smaller Kombat. Even the 87 will be a full floater and be far easier in lots of wind. I don't think it will be that much more dificult than a 107, at least not if you nail most waterstarts. You will get more "reserve" with a 107 for that jibe practice, but the Kobats are so super easy jibing boards that I personally think you will quicly learn that also on a smaller Kombat. If you still worry about going this small, get the 97 as a compromise. However, if you intend to use very large sails on this board, you might need to step up in size anyway. At your weight and skill level, I would say the 87 goes up to just above 6.0, then add about half a squaremeter for each board size. When you get more used to the board, you will be able to effectively load it up with a bit more sail. I'm 69 and easily sail the K87 with a 6.3.

Christhefish 28th September 2006 06:06 PM

RE: Kombat 107

Thanks for the excellent reply, my sail range is 5.25m - 7.5m and I have to say I have been using the 6.5m and 7.5m alot this year with only marginal winds present so it looks like either the 96 or the 107, the 107 likes like the better choice to cope with thoose light wind situations where you have to work to get the board on the plane.


Ola_H 28th September 2006 08:01 PM

RE: Kombat 107
With a 7.5 in your quiver I agree you would have to choose between the 97 and 107. Looking into the future, even if you get a (big) 107, you can always complement with a smaller wave board later for the real wave days. Used classis wave boards in your size tend to go pretty cheap...

Jean-Marc 30th September 2006 04:35 AM

RE: Kombat 107

You have 2 options depending on what fate your Carve 133 deserve :

1) If you keep the Carve 133, your 7.5 sail is going to be perfect in light wind with such a board, maybe adding a larger sail later if the quest for light winds starts to kick in... Then I would strongly suggest you consider a Kombat 87 with your 5.25-6.5 sails with your 65 kg. I'm also 65 kg and use a Kombat 86 with 4.2-6.9 sails and this is really a sweet luxury, much nicer than a Kombat 95 or a Carve 111 in fact, both being too large and bouncy with sails smaller than a 5.4 above 25 knots...

2) If you replace the Carve 133 with a big Kombat, then I would suggest a Kombat 107 with your 5.25-7.5 sail quiver. The wider tail of the Kombat 107 as compared to that of the Kombat 97 might be more efficient for those 7.5 sail's light wind days (same with Carve 111 BTW).

Cheers !


PG 1st October 2006 02:42 AM

RE: Kombat 107
I wonder if you are actually looking for a smaller freeride board, or for a waveboard with occasional flat use.
It is not clear from your post if the swell you mention actually is proper breaking waves, and if these waves are suitable for backside or even frontside riding.
The K107 can work as a waveboard for a 90-100 kg sailor, but hardly for a 67 kg sailor. Then it will just be a freeride (with the exception of ultra light wind wavesailing, but it does not sound as if that would be your thing) for you. But it will be a suboptimal freeride.
I believe that what you need is a C111, with the capability to carry your 7.5 well, and be manageable with yout 5.25. This will be the best freeride board, with good jibing, with jumping, and with the capability to pull off some baside riding.
At your weight, when you really are going to do wavesailing, you anyhow need a smaller and more manouverable board like the K87 (or even clearly smaller).
But, if you keep your C133 for 7.5m sailing, then you should go directly for the K87.
Hard to give good advice as we know so little about where you actully sail...

Christhefish 2nd October 2006 03:17 PM

RE: Kombat 107
Hi all

Thanks for the good advice, I sail mainly at Southend-On-Sea in the South East corner of England you may or may not have heard of this venue but it is famous for one thing "The Ray" this a large strip of fast flat water that works with any wind with south in it, Dave white managed a top speed of 47.31knots a few months back, and I have heard rumours he is going for the 50knots in the very near future on the Ray. When the tide does come in and the wind is above 15knots we do tend to get a big swell with the odd (small) wave, only when the wind is onshore and above 20knots do we see bigger waves, but you would probley not class this as wave sailing conditions just messy chop. I hope that helps a little to try and explain my local conditions.

I did manage to borrow a Kombat 97 wood to tryout on the weekend, and it was fantastic I was able to try it in the flat waters of the Ray and I was very surprised out the early planning potentional in such marginal conditions, then as the tide flooded in I was able to sail it in open water with small waves I love the fact that that it pops of small waves so easy great fun, I think I am sold!!!!!

Ola_H 2nd October 2006 03:32 PM

RE: Kombat 107
Nice. I generalla think the Kombats offer more potential for you to grow on thann a Carve. ANother similar "performance" board could also be and S-type, but if you found the Kombat 97 nice (I'm not surprised, I love my 87) you now just have to think about wether to get the 97 or 107. If you can get by on the 97 in light wind, this will no doubt be a more allround solution.

Christhefish 3rd October 2006 03:49 PM

RE: Kombat 107
Ok its all sorted I walked out of my local shop with a new shiny Kombat 97, just cant wait to try it out lets hope the forecast for the weekend stays good.

Any ideas on protecting the nose, as I did get catapulted on my carve a couple of times, although that was a long time ago. I know there are nose guards available but I was hoping not to use one if I could get away with it any ideas??????


Ola_H 3rd October 2006 08:21 PM

RE: Kombat 107
There are special protective padding things you can put on the mast (below the boom). I've also seen people glueing some kind of EVO foam protector on the noses of their boards. Home made solutions like that can work. However, Starboard actually sells an item like this that is a perfect fit: see product no 13 on . There is a link to a board compatibility chart. If your dealer don't stock these, maybe they can serve as an inspiration for a home made solution.

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