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Timothy 28th June 2008 04:11 AM

F161 setup

with my new F161 I have some problems.
In non planning condition, the nose is diving, I have to go far back, this is not a very comfortable stance.
I have to tack very quickly.
To get planning, the boom must be very high, I get problems to get out of the harness in low wind conditions.
I need 10-12kn to get planning with pumping and I must go about 90° from the wind.
If I get planning, everything is ok, stance is very comfortable. With my old formula everything was very easy.
So I think I do something wrong, or the setup of the board is not ok.
I'm 1,90m and 112kg, sailing on an lake.
The sail is a GUN Mega XR 11,8mē.
The fin is a Drake R19 700 NR +8.
Can anybody advice the correct setup for the board, boom height, mast position?
Thanks for reply. Timothy

Timothy 1st July 2008 02:19 PM


no advice for correct setup for me? Or no setup possible for me on this board? Wrong board for me?

SeanAUS120 2nd July 2008 07:16 AM

Hi Timothy,

Could you give us a little more information? When you are talking about the nose diving in 'non-planing' conditions - do you mean you are just drifting, and you have to stand right at the back of the board to keep the nose from scooping water? I find that hard to believe because the short Starboard boards have extreme rocker at the nose. Its possible you are running the mast track too far forward with your 11.8m if that is the case. But why are you sailing this in non-planing conditions anyhow? Stay home and watch tv is there is no wind to plane ;)

Could you let us know if the lake you are sailing on is fresh or salt water? Fresh water lakes are harder to get planing on in light winds - less buoyancy. 90° is probably right for pumping onto the plane in light winds, you need to bear away excessively to get some pressure in your sails. You are a bigger guy, so for sure you might need a little more wind than others to get planing (10 knots seems reasonable with pumping).

What harness line length are you using? Boom height is best between chin and eye height I believe for most people. Any lower and you cannot put the leverage on your fin to pump on the plane and any higher and its really difficult to tack/gybe. You should be able to get out of your harness lines though! I use 26-28in lines.

Also, I don't know the Gun sails but check you are using the correct downhaul settings. Underdownhauled sails can move the draft forward a lot and might contribute to more pressure on the nose of the board - pushing it down... hard to say as I've never seen a Gun sail before.

Mast track is usually good around the middle of the track on the 161 with 12m sails and around 1-2cm back for 11m sails (depending on your sail).

Timothy 3rd July 2008 04:33 AM


thank you for replay. As soon as possible I'll test your proposals.
No, I'm not drifting in non planning conditions.
But I have to stand far after the mast not at the back.
Yes I put the mast from the middle to the front, because I had problems to get planning. I'll put the mast back to the middle.
I don't have planning conditions all the time, because I live in the inland. So wind strength and direction is changing. So if there is an average wind of 4Bft, in reality wind is changing from 2-6Bft.
No I'll not stay at home, I'll take my hybrid and have fun.
The lake there I'm sailing has fresh water.
Harness length is vario 24-30 inch, I use 2 harnesses on each side one with 24 and one with 30.
I'm quite sure to use the right downhaul setting, because there is a indication for the loose leech on the sail.

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