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RogerN 2nd July 2008 12:39 AM

Pure Acid 68 or Evo 62
Team -

My wife and I share a quiver of waveboards consisting of a custom 1998 73 L Rutger and a custom 2004 64 L Quatro (exact replica of Sean Aiken's board). We sail primarily side-off conditions and occasional side-shore conditions in the 5.5 to 4.0 range. The Quatro is a very technical board that is a dream on the wave face if you can maintain your speed. But being a pro board, Kathy (and I at times) have struggled maintaining speed on the face and staying to windward - especially in some of the mushier conditions we sometimes have in coastal Carolina. We are considering the Evo 62 or the PA 68 as a third board. Can you please compare and contrast the two? In particular we'd like to compare pointing ability, planing ability, and sail range - particularly for a 58 kg rider. I'm concerned that because they are the smallest boards in their respective lines, they may be highwind, control oriented boards for larger sailors and not designed for smaller riders like us. FYI, our eventual plan is also to replace our old and beloved Rutger with either the 70 or 75 L Evo or PA 74

We are: Roger (66 kg) and Kathy (58 kg).

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Ola_H 2nd July 2008 05:37 AM

The PA68 is fast, precise and have that direct rail bite feel tat is so nice sometimes. It planes very early and goes upwind very well even with a smaller fin. To get the most of the high wind capabilities the board likes you to drive it over the fin, kind of locked in

The EVO 62 is a smaller feeling board. Particularly if you're light it will still ahndle 5.0 easily. It's not as free running as the PA68, but still feel very effective with a 5.0 if you just have a bit of sailpower. On the wave the EVO 62 pretty much turns by itself. It makes the hard part of wave riding easy. And compared to the bigger EVOs the 62 has a smoother top turn too. In kind of onshore like wave, the EVO 62 is very easy and forgiving. In faster/bigger waves it prefers to be sailed with some more power, but then it performs extremely well. As a high wind board the EVO 62 is fantastic. Even though it may bounce around a bit at times, there is just something about the size that make it feel so much easier.
In lighter winds you may want a bigger fin (up to Drake 23) but then it goes upwind quite well. Not as relaxed as the PA68 but if you just stay over theboard a bit more it motors upwind well.

I would say none of the boards are primarly "high wind control boards for bigger guys". But between the two, I think the EVO 62 is the board that will fit you the best. That one is 100% designed for smaller people and I really believ it will be a real eye opener for both of you.

RogerN 2nd July 2008 08:24 PM

Ola -

Thanks for the response. The way we read it, the PA 68 is earlier to plane, goes to windward better and is faster than the Evo 62. The advantage of the Evo 62 is that it turns well of the back foot. Are these differences primarily due to the 6 ltr difference in valume? In other words, would it have been better to compare the PA 68 and the Evo 70 to more fairly evaluate the relative strengths of each board? Right now, Kathy is torn between the two because she figures earlier planing + higher pointing = more waves.


Roger and Kathy

Ola_H 3rd July 2008 11:43 AM

No, the difference is more due to the different shapes and the EVO 70 is definitely a much bigger feeling board than those two.

It's hard to say how you will fins the EVO 62. Some never notice that it is not an upwind rocket while others do. If your Quatro is not an unusually fast version, I think you will for sure find the EVO 62 much easier upwind. But again, the PA68 is an upwind rocket, so if that's the priority then the PA68 is surely the right board.

The EVO 62 does not only turn better over the back foot. It turns more overall.

RogerN 3rd July 2008 07:33 PM

Thanks for the replies, - we'll go with your recommendation.

Roger and Kathy

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