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Taty Frans 2nd July 2008 06:31 AM

fins for Flare
Yo yo,

What up my freestylers:

I just want to take time and give you a quick run on fin sizes for the flare 2009.

All these boards I try with the Choco starfish freestyle fin's the sizes I will give you is what will work best for freestylers but if you just want to cruise then the fin that comes with the board is good. save the fin that comes with the board this way you can cruise with it when you don't feel like doing freestyle.

Flare 88
fin size: 16cm
sail sizes 4.0 - 5.2

Flare 98
fin size: 16cm but most of you guys will find the 18cm the perfect choice.
sail sizes: 5.0 - 6.4

Flare 106
fin size: 18cm but most of you guys will get a better accelaration with the 20cm but at the same time a 22 will be a good choice for the bigger sails sizes
sail sizes: 5.4 - 7.0

If you need anymore news just get back to me.

Taty frans NB-9

jonthesailorman 2nd July 2008 11:41 AM

Sweet! Thanks for the insight Taty. Got a question though. Do you ever use different fin sizes depending on the conditions? or do you use the 16cm every time? I figure a slightly bigger fin (20-24cm) in waves would help a little bit. How about wind strength and sail size? thanks again Taty.

Taty Frans 2nd July 2008 08:45 PM


I use the small fin's sizes for high-medium wind conditions on each board as in my previous msg.

if it's light wind I can go to 18cm but not bigger then 18.

because I am used to small fin's so I don't feel comfortable with bigger fin's.


jonthesailorman 2nd July 2008 09:49 PM

cool. muchos gracias.

sipio 17th March 2009 09:14 PM

Hey Taty,

great review about fin sizes! Lately I saw that you guys put your fins to the rear end of your fin boxes. Is this the best position for freestyling? What are the differencies of forward/mid/aft fin positions in a freestyleboard?

Thank you for helping!


sipio 26th March 2009 05:43 AM

I asked some freestylers around and got the answer that a more forward fin position is prefered by most of them. So is it just personal preference?

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