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powderhound 4th July 2008 09:04 PM

Heavyweight returning to sailing

I began sailing in 1980 and did loads up until about 1997 when I had too many work commitments to be able to keep it up. I now have the luxury of more time and proximity to the water.

I aim to sail on flat water inland to start with. I weigh 110kgs and have got an F2 Sputnik 270 and an F2 Bullitt Race 285 which I intend upgrading. I can waterstart in no wind (thanks to learning in Scottish seas) and could carve gybe 9/10 times on my old boards (use footstraps and harness comfortably). I intend sailing in all winds (planing conditions preferably) and am willing to buy a quiver if need be. I do not really want to go back to sinker sailing but want to be able to sail in winds up to 35 knots or so. My largest sail 'til now was a Gaastra Race 6.6 which sounds small when I hear what people are using these days...

It's all changed so much!

PG 6th July 2008 02:57 PM

If you are looking for a board that floats you even marginally (not a sinker) when standing still then you need at least 130 liters. For example a Futura 133 at 76 cm wide would be a versatile platform.

Combine that with a 8.5 m2 sail (cambers or not according to preference) to cover "light" winds up to some 24 knots on flat water. Then get another sail of about 7.0 m2 that takes the role of a highwind sail on this board, and also acts as a transition sail when switching to a smaller board in the 100-105 liter range.

This smaller board may be biased for speed, like a Futura 101, or for manouvers like a Kombat 106, again according to preferences. A board like the Kombat works just nicely for your weight even in moderate wave conditions. And with smaller sails...

powderhound 7th July 2008 02:23 PM

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am off to Vassiliki again for 10 days to get some refresher lessons and for my wife to learn and that should confirm what you are telling me...

Sunrise 11th July 2008 06:31 PM

Don't make the mistake I did and try and upgrade sails and boards separately. Modern short boards need modern sails to make them work.

I like to have one board that will float me comfortably so that I can sail in variable winds or launch from sheltered sites. I am 5kg lighter than you and have a 80cm wide 150 litre board which I use 80% of the time with a 8.7 m2 sail, its faster than my smaller board until about 20 knots. I would go bigger than the Futura 133 (maybe the 144), I had a Carve 131 and it was a sinker for me.

Have fun with your new gear.

troll 14th July 2008 05:25 AM

I highly recommend getting racing sails - buy used if you're low on funds. You (like me) are very heavy and outside the design range of freeride equipment. It'll take a lot of drive to get you planing and regular sails will distort and feel heavy. Modern racing sails are designed to sail overpowered and have the stiffness and stability you're gonna need.
There's a huge difference between 110kg and 95kg so be wary of advice not coming from super heavyweights. My weight has fluctuated widely and it makes a bigger difference than people would assume.

powderhound 14th July 2008 02:15 PM

Thanks guys for taking the trouble to reply. All very useful...

wsurfn 16th July 2008 08:07 AM


I am 109kg/ 6'6"

Lightwind you will need 145 liters. 7.5 -9.0. depends on what you are trying to do. If plane ASAP, Formula and 11.0m2. If Freeride, 8.5. If lightwind freestyle, 7.5.

Medium wind. 115 liter FSW and 6.0m2

High wind. 105 liter FSW an 5.0m2

powderhound 16th July 2008 11:21 PM

Been out of the game for a while... FSW??

powderhound 22nd August 2008 03:14 PM

Had some phenomenal sailing, starting on a Futura 155 and progressing to a Tabou 115 and a similar sized Starboard (also a Futura??). Tended to use a 7.5 sail - Gaastra Manic or Poison - regardless of wind strength, although did go down to 6.5 when it was howling. Had some problems with spinout due to being massively overpowered on a big fin and too much weight on the back foot (apparently).

Have put in an order for some kit based on this trip...

Floyd 27th August 2008 01:44 AM

Kit choice for heavyweight.?
On mid size sails dont write off non-cambered so quikly.
Some non-cambered are totally unsuited to heavyweights.(Eg Expression) But others (Saber) and especially Thunderbird are fine for superheavies.I use my 7 metre TBird III when lighter mates are on 5.5`s. Its a superb sail for heavies but DONT be tempted to rig on super stiff (100% masts) as some recommend.I`ve found mine works best (in all winds) on believe it or not on C45.(Which it was designed for !)
My quiver is 7 (TBird). 6 metre Storm. 5.4, 5 and 4.4 Combats.I had problems with Alpha`s on top end !! Combats are fine.(Sold my Alpha`s and bought second hand Combats !)

Board wise 130 (69 wide)for medium winds.(6 and 7 metre) 105 (62 wide) litre for others.
For real strong winds I have an Evo 92, which hardly ever gets used.(Twice this year !)
I forget about lghtwinds. Simply cant compete without getting silly on kit !I need 13 knots to plane with 7 metre.That gives me enough sailing.

My weight has been upto 108k and is now 101.Not changed anything.Appreciate earlier planing.

Forget about reseve volume.Its a flawed idea especially for heavies.You will need 130+ litres to float home/uphaul.(I could sink my 130 litre board easy when 108K;but I could just uphaul it !)

Good luck.Ignore your mates coming past you in lightish winds.Buy a GPS ;your Vmax will be loads better than theirs.

Get Carbon booms.Extend top end of any sail.

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