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Winther 8th July 2008 09:58 PM

Evo 80 and Tushingham sail?
I am 75 kg - sailing a 80 liter evo 2007 and Tushingham sails.

My favorite wave sail is the New 2008 Tushingham Rock 5,3 - but ofte I needs a 5,7.

At my home break all waves are generated by the wind - meaning that 5,8 weather would make waves up to max 1 meter/ 3 feet - and not very powerfull - but the can be fun and very rideable anyway.

Last year I did buy the new version of the Storm in 5,75, (coming from the old Storm series - that was ok in small waves.) - The new Storm feels much more dedicated freeride.

I set the new storm normally - with a good deal of downhaul and some outhaul - but not thight.

Anyway - I am not totally happy going out through the wave break in 5,8 weather, since jumping feels like I am having a big sail and out of controle springs to mind. Side shore riding is actually ok, when I am on the wave - Onshore riding gets backwindet easily.

Would any of you be able to give an advice on - if you think I can tune the Storm 2007 to to perform well in the Danish 5,8 "waves"?

Or should I change the sail for a Rock 5,7 or would the Wedge possible be the best 5,7 weapon for me for the Evo 80.

Thanks in advance

Lars Winther Larsen

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