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ogi 12th July 2008 11:17 PM

Second Fin for Carve 2006 111lt

I would like to buy a second fin for my Carve2006 111 litres.
My weight is 70kg and my height 177cm.
Currently I use the fin I got from starboard (TuttleDrake Freeride Flow 340)
I sail my carve with the following sails:

NeilPryde 2005 Saber 7.2
NeilPryde 2002 Saber 6.2
NeilPryde 2005 Search 5.4

With the Search 5.4 I experienced spin-out problems when the wind is in the 18-20knots.

Can you suggest me a second fin to avoid any spin-out with the Search 5.4?

Thanks a lot for your attention


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