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dkeith 13th July 2008 08:01 PM

10 - 20 knot Board
Just sold my Go 180 and am looking for something that planes early, goes fast and turns in that order. Not looking for a Formula board. Would love some advice from fellow riders.

My stats:
150 lbs,
advanced to expert sailor
90% of sailing is on a lake
10% ocean

other boards:
12'6" SUP 0-10 knots ( I love it!! forgot how much fun sailing was without foot straps)
94 ltr Trance 15-20 knots
74 ltr acid 20 knots plus

I am looking for a board to fill that all important 10-20 knot hole in my quiver. I am hoping to match this with either a freerace sail such as a GTX or a fast freeride such as a Matrix.

I would therefore appreciate some advice on which board will get me out on the water early but yet keep me there while I am out. Because money is a factor I am considering older boards but might hold on and save up for a new one if the performance difference is that large. The following is a list of the boards I am looking at. If somone could please comment on their suitability for my conditions and weight, relative performance and ideal 2 sail combo I would greatly appreciate it.

Boards I am looking at In chronological order

2005 Compact
2006 138 FType wood
2008 122/133 Futura
2008 122 iSonic (would have to save up for this one)

crazychemical 13th July 2008 11:34 PM

my home spot is a lake, windconditions there are usually between 10-20 knots and most of us sail 135-150 L boards (the light guys take 120). I have no idea what the compact is and i couldn't go for the Ftype seeing as you said you didn't want a formula. but as a freeride the futura 122, i think, will fill your gap (40+L of floating volume should do the trick). The IS is a great idea if you really want to and it might even be better for your gap seeing as it carries larger sails. but like you say, thats an expensive move to make (you could always look for second hand IS, loads of slalom guys use their IS only one year, sell and buy new stuff).

hope this helps

dkeith 13th July 2008 11:56 PM

Yup the Futura seems like an amazing board, planes early, top end. I would like to hear from anyone who has ridden one and anybody who has ridden the ftype. My guess is the Ftype will get going earlier but the Futura will be faster, but it would be interesting to hear from someone who has experince with both boards and can provide some idea as to the relative difference between the two.

Out of interest what are you riding, and how would you describe your sailing style?

crazychemical 14th July 2008 04:01 AM

I Freeride. Depends what winds. I ride a GO139 in 12-17 knots(so my 8.8 and 7.6) (depending the conditions .. flatwater, chop etc) and a flow 284 in 15-26(7.6 and smaller)(or more, i have no smaller board and i want to get to a good level before i invest in a wave board), preferably with chop and a good selection of fins. I tend to go for most top end speed thats why i prefere freeride/slalom boards to formulas.
I also have no funds to get a more speed directed low wind board (if i would, i'd probably go for a futura seeing as slalom boards are more technical and more expensive/fragile), so i stick with my 2 boards for now.

Unregistered 14th July 2008 05:10 AM

I'm a little heavier than you but found it much easier to pump the 133 onto the plane in marginal winds than the 122 - even with the same size sail.

Unregistered 17th July 2008 06:23 PM

I had a FT138 and now have a FU133 (but not as a replacement for the FT138!)
I weigh ~ 85Kg

The FU 133 is a nice manouverable board but more like for 14 kts++, below that I prefer (unless close to 14 and very choppy) using my iS133 W85 with a 10.4 /9.5 or 8.7. The iS133 is my replacement for the FT138 and really does a good job.

if you want to go fast, plane early in 8-15 kts -> FT138
towards the lower range of 10-15 kts you will not really have that much fun an a FU133, sure its turny but if you aren't or just barely planing turny just isnt fun anymore...

christophe 18th July 2008 07:30 PM

which fin do you use with your IS133 W85 and 10.4 ?

It tried a RS6 10.7 with this board, it worked fine in the very light wind

Unregistered 19th July 2008 12:40 AM

Select RS7 57cm Deep Tuttle

Roger 19th July 2008 08:52 AM

Hi dkeith,
This is quite a discussion!
Having "loved" the F-Type 138 (and it's predecessor the Free Formula 138) this would be a pretty good option for up to about 15 knots.
Not as good as a formula in < 10 knots, but comes alive in around 10 knots with a
9.5 m2 + rig.
Since you are looking for 10-20 knots, there probably isn't a "one board" solution, but you are on the right track.
Since you are a lightweight at 150 lbs. (68 Kg.) you can probably get a bit better early planing from most of the boards discussed.
I would leave the Compact off your list. It was an attempt to make a one board does everything solution to the "traveling problems" but in my opinion there were too many compromises.
The F-Types are great (wish I still had the FT 138 Wood) but as the others suggest, it's a bit too much like a formula board, and while quite fast in very light winds, it does not have the overall range of the Futura 122/133 or the Isonic 122/133.
I was sorry to have to let my 2007 Isonic 122 go, so a 2007 Is 122 might be a more cost effective possiblility than the 2008 IS 122.
If you think you can wait through another couple of months, there may be some 2008 closeout possibilities, but the Isonic 122 is a very popular board so you may be disappointed.
Hope this helps,

Unregistered 19th July 2008 05:29 PM

"Since you are looking for 10-20 knots, there probably isn't a "one board" solution, but you are on the right track."

If you 'need' more than one board for 10-20 knots, how many boards and sails does the average sailor 'need' to sail in all conditions?

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