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Igor_Uakauaka 16th July 2008 04:22 PM

Wave board help
Within 10 days i'll go on Tenerife on holiday. My first wave experience -there are no waves in my region, flat only :( -
I'll need a wave board, so weeks ago i've started lookin round for some used, old n cheap board to mistreat with no mercy, gain a ton of experience with no fear of smashing it, and than, if it survives, to re-sell it (that's cause at the end of the season i'll go for the 08 flare and acid, but i don't wanna get them before, still, moving my firts steps in waveriding with a brand new board'll be a good way to give a lot of money to my trusted board repairer:p)
however, getting finally to the point, i've come up with two possible choices at the end of my search,
both are starboards, and both are class 2001,
the starfish 75
ad the surf 78
weight 75kg
my first wave experience,
el medano, tenerife,
wich one beneath the two would be the most suitable to my needs?

Ola_H 18th July 2008 01:49 AM

The Starfish is an excellent beginners wave board, but prefers to be not to powered up. I think maybe the Surf78 is a safer bet for Tenerife.

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