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timtodt 21st July 2008 06:04 PM

Fin size S-Type 126
Hi Roger!

I have a S-Type 126 2006. I have just bought a Gaastra Matrix 8.5 with a Gaastra C75% 490 mast.

I weigh 84 kg and sail in coastal area with sometimes a lot chop but for wind speeds 5-7 m/s, for which I intend to use my new sail, the water mostly is quite flat.

What fin and finsize would You recommend?

kind regards

Tim Tödt

Roger 21st July 2008 08:15 PM

Hi Tim,
I cannot get the stock fin data off the archived 2006 website as it is loading too slowly and my browser is timing out.
What size fin(s) do you have now?
As I remember the S-Type 126 came with a slalom fin and a looser wave/bump and jump fin.
The slalom fin was OK, but I think for a 7.5 m2 (not 8.5 m2).
I would look for a fin of similar design but 3-6 cm longer in span.
Let me know what fins you have and I will try to be more specific.
What brands of aftermarket fins are you considering?
Hope this helps,

timtodt 21st July 2008 08:37 PM

Hi Roger!

I am so impressed of your quick answers!

I have a Drake fin 390 on the board but I don´t know any more name of the fin. I have only one fin.

I do have some spin outs problem with this fin and a Saber 7.2 but with improving technique they are more seldom now.

I don´t know any specific aftermarket fins. I hope You could help me with that.


Roger 23rd July 2008 01:35 AM

Hi Tim,
Where are you located.....I.E. USA, Canada, Europe....where?
Where you are will probably narrow your choices in aftermarket fins.
Select fins (from France) seem to get good reports.
Gorge Fin Co., True Ames Fins, and Tangent fins are good here in the US
I think if you could find a 42-46 cm slalom fin would work pretty well with an
8.5 m2 Gaastra Matrix.
Look around and see if your local shops have any fins in this size range.
Even a good condition used 42-46 cm would be quite good.
You are looking for a fairly vertical planform fin something like this:
or this
Or the Freeride Swift series would work as well.
If you can find a photo on one of the fin mfg.'s websites,
send me a link and I can suggest whether it would be appropriate
for your board and rig.
Hope this helps,

timtodt 23rd July 2008 06:42 AM

Hi Roger!

I live and sail on the west coast of Sweden (Halmstad).

I have looked a little on the MFC fin RC 46 and also on Lessachers 39 cm Freeride Duo fin. I am surprised how those fin can work in such small lengths in comparison to conventional fins.


Roger 23rd July 2008 08:30 AM

Hi Tim,
I've never worked with the folks at Maui Fin Co. so I don't know much about that brand.
They seem to get pretty good reviews here on the forums.
I do have some experience with Lessacher design fins.
Wolfgang's fins are what some of the fastest sailors in the world use, so his "orientation" is speed, and that requires good skills to get the board going and small fins to achieve the best speeds.
If you don't have world class skills, I'd take Wolfgang's recommendations and add a about 3 cm.
I sailed one of Wolfgangs Duo Weed 36 cm fins today on the Futura 155 with the new 2008 7.5 m2 Retro. Pretty fast and early planing combo even with very heavy clumps of weed.
The clumps were thick enough that you could feel the drag as the fin passed through them.
Also, you might look at Tekknosport in Germany.
They have good prices and I think Lessacher Design works with them on the design aspects.
Hope this helps,

timtodt 24th July 2008 11:45 AM

Hi Roger!

Thank You for good advice (as always).

I think I will go for the Lessacher fin. I like the different aproach to fin design Wolfgang has. I will discuss with him further about the fin size. I will come back to You when I have tested the fin and let You know how I experienced it.

All the best!


(When do You come to Sweden for a windsurfing course?!)

Roger 24th July 2008 07:39 PM

Hi Tim,
I'd be glad to come to Sweden to teach a course.
Starboard, or the event organizers, would need to fund the airfare and hotel.
Currently, I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

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