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Unregistered 22nd July 2008 03:59 AM

Footstraps holes
Hi, I was going to put the footstraps on my new iSonic 101 and one of the screws never ended to turn. I tried to pull the strap and it came out with the screw sorrounded by the plastic material of the hole. Now the hole is double sized than before. What sohuld I do?
Hope you will unswer me soon, because I want to lose less windy days as possible.
Anyway i think that this kind of things sholud not happen on this kind of professional and expensive boards.

Roger 22nd July 2008 10:15 AM

Hi Marco,
Check out this link.
It's the best way I've found to fix a stripped footstrap insert.
Click on "Products"
Click on "Product Assistance"
Click on "Repair Guide"
Hope this helps,

Unregistered 23rd July 2008 04:05 PM

But what about the warranty of the board? You shouldn't do it yourself, or am I wrong ?

Roger 23rd July 2008 08:44 PM

Hi Marco,
The suggested fix will be permanent, and it will get you back on the water tomorrow (if you do the repair today).
You might get your dealer to arrange something with the warranty, or you might have the stripped FS plug replaced (it needs to be bored out and replaced entirely) by a professional, and get your dealer to pay for the repair under warranty.
Did you install your footstrap screws using a #3 Phillips Screwdriver or the new Red Handle Tiki tool?
Or did you install the screws with a drill driver/screw gun?
Did you put any soap on the threads before you installed the screws?
Certainly you can apply thru your dealer for a warranty repair, but that may take awhile.
Talk to your dealer as soon as possible to get the warranty process started.
Hope this helps,

Unregistered 23rd July 2008 10:32 PM

same thing happened to my FU133, not amused.

prpa 26th July 2008 04:31 AM

On my futura 133 I also have problem one screw
on the foot straps pulled out togethe with some
plastic material.



same thing happend with my friend, same modle of the board.

willmo 29th July 2008 04:03 AM

Hi Roger,
Are you saying that it is advisable to lubricate the screw threads with soap prior to fitting the screw for the first time?

Roger 29th July 2008 08:29 AM

Hi Willmo,
Yes!..... Absolutely !
Take the screw and wet it slightly somehow and take a bar of soap and rub it all over the threads of the screw.
Also try to work a few bits of soap down into the hole so the screw threads carry the lubricant all the way to the bottom.
(Master wiidworkers have been doing this for centuries, however they seem to prefer bees wax vs plain old bath tub bar soap. Prevents the wood from splitting, Allows the screws to cut really nice smooth threads without tearing).

And, use the provided red handle Tiki Tool (#3 Phillips heat treated and hardened tip with good drive geometry and surface treatments) or purchase a good #3 Phillips screwdriver with a heat treated/hardened/good geometry/surf. treatments).
If you don't have the Red Handle Tiki tool, please purchase a good high quality #3 Phillips srewdriver. It will last you forever and will tighten your footstrap screws as tight as possible without distorting the drive recess in the screws.
AND.... Please don't try to install the FS screws with a screw gun or drill/driver.
These power tools can drive the screws fast enough to "melt" the plastic in the FS insert just from frictional heat.
If you don't believe me, remove a screw with a screw gun/drill/driver on a board you don't like and touch the screw as soon as it comes out of the board. Be careful as it will be so hot it will burn your fingers.
The FS inserts are a thermo-moulded plastic material and it does not take much heat to melt them.
And, with the drill/driver/screwgun, you won't be able to tell if the threads on the screw are actually "biting/engaging" and screwing down into the hole or simply "stripping out".
This is one of those "take your time and do it the right way the first time, and your screws will be solid and last the life of you board" processes.
Get in a hurry and you may have some problems.
Hope this helps,

Klint 29th July 2008 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by Roger (Post 23942)
This is one of those "take your time and do it the right way the first time, and your screws will be solid and last the life of you board" processes.
Get in a hurry and you may have some problems.
Hope this helps,

Personally I think it would be a good idea to include with the new board valuable tips / instructions how to install footstraps properly. Without knowing, people tend to problemsearch first when the damage (i.e. stripped inserts) is already done, which the above posts indicate. I guess detailed, supplied instructions would spare the owner of the board, retailers and Starboard much time and effort. Above all, Roger J. would get more time on water without having to answer the same questions 20 times =)

/ Andy

Roger 29th July 2008 09:25 PM

Hi Andy,
I agree about more detailed assembly instructions!
The good news is that in 2009 this should not be a problem as the screw
length is being changed from 28 mm to 32 mm whcih should eliminate the
problem that the upgrade to the thicker K9 lock anti-twist devices seems to have
Hope this helps,

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