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blazer 23rd July 2008 07:49 AM

'08 North Warp vs. '08 Gaastra Vapor
Blew out my NP V8 10.6 last weekend so looking for a replacement rig for my FType 158. Like the performance of the V8 especially the power to get planing in light winds.

Has anyone sailed the '08 North Warp 9.9m or '08 Gaastra Vapor 10m?
I've heard that the free race sails (V8, GTX, etc) have better power for getting planing in light winds. The race sails perform better in every other respect. Early planing is very important since I'm in a wind challenged area. Most sailing is done on the rig above in 9 - 12 knts. I'm 80 kg.


Unregistered 24th July 2008 07:05 AM

I live in a light wind area and have used V8 10.6, Ram 9.9 and Warp 08 9.9 on formula and big slalom boards

V8 does have more low end power than the Ram, Warp and GTX, but also gets much more unstable.

As far as i know all Warp 08's in the big sizes are sold out.

The Ram 9.9 is a very good choice, light feeling in the hands, not quite as much low end as the V8, but very stable and a much wider wind range. It accelerates in every gust.

That would be my choice

Unregistered 25th July 2008 03:23 AM

I tired a double luff (07 Vapor), but didn't think the weight penalty was worth it for recreational use. Felt like cornering a dragster. Much preferred the 07 GTX. Whilst I understood this had a little more shape and thus probably better bottom end (Size for size), I also thought that the double luff would have a better range due to the stablilty. (Didn't try that out myself, seemed a much better idea to go for smaller gear in those winds). However I see FOD claims better wind range for a single surface sail (Overdrive v CR) - so now I'm confused.

honk 25th July 2008 09:38 AM

IF you need a very good sail for general sailing, I will go for the Overdrive 10m for following reason :

- Light weight
- Good lowend
- Nice camber rotation
- Nice leech opeing for a racy feel
- reasnable price

kvda 25th July 2008 08:33 PM

I've tried Vapor 2007, GTX 2007 but didn't like them, as a fact, don't seem to like Gaastra sails at all. Also tried V8 and RS slalom, RS4 ans RS2 and like them a lot better!!

if you liked the V8 10.6, why change? The F-type isn't the board which can really get the max out of a high end racesail.

Unregistered 26th July 2008 02:31 AM

Blazer blew out his 10.6 Thought that only happened wavesailing.

blazer 26th July 2008 06:15 AM

Guess you haven't heard about all of NP's quality issues over the past few years. Sail has several holes in the mast sleeve. Some are my fault and others are NP's. Was going the replace the sail next season. Broke the X6 mast last weekend. That's the third np mast I've broken over the past several years and I don't sail all that much.

I've always been a loyal NP consumer but enough is enough. I purchased a Gaastra GTX in a smaller size earlier this year and love it.

So now 10m is the rig I use 70% of the time and I'm down. Have the opportunity to get a '07 Warp 9.9 or '08 Vapor 10m at very reasonable price.
Not racing, primarily beam reaching.

Jille 26th July 2008 01:18 PM

I've had an F-type with V8's.
Nice combo!

But I've also had a lot of repairs at my V8's, so last year I've sold them and bought Vapors an I really love these sails!
(even @ my 98 kilo's)

But, the 10.0 Vapor is a highwind Formulasail and the 9.9 North a lowwind Slalomsail (correct me if I'm wrong).
Comparing these sails could be difficult.

I think (correct me again if I'm wrong) that an 11.0 Vapor would be a better choice. This sail could be better for lowwind then the 10.0.
I didn't sail the 10.0, nor the 9.9 so it's it's just a thought that might be interesting to check before you buy?

kvda 26th July 2008 01:42 PM

@Blazer: just because of the bad stories about NP masts in big sizes, I 've bought a 2007 Vapor 11.0 with Gaastra 550 race 100%. My thoughts were like yours now: not to buy a NP in big sizes because of the risks...
Guess what: the gaastra 550 mast broke spontaneously, after a session of half an hour. It was lying on the grass. Beside that part, I like NP sails better but that's a matter of personal feeling. Now i've decided not to go bigger than 10 m2. Still have my X7 5.20 (5 years now) with RS2, that's quality.
For the record: don't want a X9 bigger than 4.60, my 4.90 is an X6 (but 4.00-4.30 and 4.60 are X9)

But back on topic: would go for a V8 with X6 5.20 in your position, of other freeracesail. Because as Jille says, the racesails in sizes around 10 are high wind, and you're looking for a low end sails.

blazer 26th July 2008 03:41 PM

I agree with Jille. Ideally I would be looking at an 11m but within this situation I have an opportunity at 2 good deals on second hand sails so price is a consideration.

I have to admit I'm not that familiar with the concept of light wind slalom vs high wind formula sails. Does that mean that the light wind slalom 9.9 would have better low end grunt and early planing but lack upper range stability over the high wind formula 10m?

Kvda - just broke the combination you're recommending. Would rather not go there again.

My next size down is a GTX 8.5

Thanks for all the great advice and insight. Keep it coming.

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