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Ulf 30th July 2008 01:15 PM

Futura Foot straps 133
Hi Roger, I see you have a F133. I've had a lot of trouble with the outside rear strap positons ,middle and forward holes on my F133 Wood. The rear outside strap is not parallel with the centre line making it very difficult to get into. Coupled with narrow straps ...a nightmare. Have you had this problem? Where do you run your rear straps?
Oddly the front strap is not narrow, and set fine.:confused:

Roger 30th July 2008 08:43 PM

Hi Ulf,
I've not noticed any issue with the footstraps on the Futura 133.
I set all my footstraps at least one hole wider as this allows me to move my heels a little.
This often results in being a little more comfortable, or a small performance gain because the "push" or "pull" is being applied at a slightly different position on the board.
Hope this helps,

Roger 31st July 2008 07:28 AM

Hi again Ulf,
OK, I had never noticed the "toed out" footstrap arrangement on the Futura 133 before.
So, I learned something new.
I took the Futura 133 out this afternoon with the footstraps where I normally sail them
(all the way back and outboard, with the rear screw in the rear most back hole and the front screw in the front screw position so the footstrap is as wide as it will go.
But, just as a test, to see what the effect of the "toed out" (not parallel with the center line of the board, wider at the front) footstraps might be.
I was well powered up on a 2008 6.5 m2 Sailworks Retro no can free race sail in salt water in the Sound sailing from the Canadian Hole.
I used a 32 cm Lessacher Design Duo (asymetrical) weed fin.
I sailed a few runs with the footstraps were I normally have them, then came in and moved the back footstraps inboard to the next set of holes which are more "toed out"
than the outboard set of holes and slightly more forward.
The surface conditions were a little rougher than I would normally sail the Futura 133 in
but I wanted to test out the board to get a better idea on this footstrap issue.
I set the footstraps so the K9 lock "tangs" were in the middle with the K9 lock on the back hole at the rear of the board and in the front hole in the front of the back footstrap.
There was a definite difference in the overall feel of the board, but it wasn't bad, just different than with the rear straps all the way outboard.
I really had no trouble with the slightlly "splayed out/toed out footstraps and I looked at both my feet on the outbound (port tack in the SW winds) and the inbound (starboard)
tack and my feet were pretty much directly across the board.
I could move my heels so my foot was pointing a little forward, or a little back of perpendicular to the board's centerline.
Basically I did not find the slight "toe out" of the footstraps to present any problems/issues for me.
So, I would suggest using the back hole at the back attachment point, and the front hole at the front attachment point.
Then you can put your foot straight in with no issues.
Hope this helps,

Ulf 31st July 2008 09:09 AM

Hi Rodger, Thanks for such a comprehensive test. The outside holes on my board are 20mm wider at the front bolt ie 17 cm from centre, and rear holes 15cm from centre line. I have never ridden the board with straps in learner or freeride intermediate positons as I typically go for speed and racing and use outside positions. I note the toe out is less as the middle and inside row of holes.
I ride a 7.5 and 8.4 on this board as a rule. The fins are 48 Drake which is excellent and a 41 Select Sl7 2009.
I will try the next time I am out the middle row of holes as they are closer to parallel. The problem is that group and the inner most group are set well forward of the fin. Having had two Hypersonics prior to the Futura I am really struggling to not kick the strap moving back as I start planning or coming out of the gybe. For me it is so difficult I haven't been able to plan jibe this board yet. I normally can do that with ease.
I noticed on the Video's Svien and other riders seem to have used the middle row of holes rather than the outside row. Might be something in that.
Thanks again.

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