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Jonster 30th July 2008 09:36 PM

Kombat 105 2008
Hi all

As i'm looking to buy a Kombat 105 2008 i was reading with interest the earlier posts about this board. It is great to learn from so many experiences ;-)

I learnd that the Kombat 105 2008 has great early planing and wave abilities with the right footstrap and fin set up.
But i'm still wondering about two things:

1. what are the freestyle abilites? Is it also suited to learn how to spok or to back loops off a wavelipp? As it's with is 66cm.

2. and how does it behave on days with strong winds? I met a guy the other day on a Kombat 122 2008 and he said he still could handle nicely winds with 7 Bf. Are there also some setup tricks how to handle this kinde of wind?

Would be great to read some opinions!

Timo 13th August 2008 04:15 AM

Kombat 105 is one of my favourite boards, i chose it over the flare as it had more all round capability. Its great for just basic freestyle, just needs a wave fin (Drake 24/25) to get round spocks better, as for waveriding and jumping its amazing!
However just got my 102 Kode and it is even better!! Stuck my wave 24 fin in the Kode and hey presto it was just like an Evo!
Fully recommend this board and the Kode.
I am 90 kg.

AlexV 18th August 2008 02:43 PM

I have a Kombat 106 2006. I don't know the differences from the 2008 model, but as far as the ability to ride the board in strong winds I fully recommend it since I often use it in force 6-7 in choppy water with a 4.2 sail and it behaves amazingly well. It "sticks" to the water and certainly doesn't feel like a 106 lt board. I actually prefer riding it compared to my 73lt waveboard under these conditions. As for setup with strong winds, I put the mast foot as forward as possible for the board to stay attached to the water. I haven't experimented enough with the straps - fin position combinations, so I put the fin somewhere between the Wave and freeride marks. I guess the fin position is something to be investigated. I weight 82kilos.

Jonster 19th August 2008 02:26 AM

Hi guys
Thanks for your feedbacks!

If you use the Wave fins for freestyling and waveriding, are you using the crossover fin at all ;-)

What fin do you use with your 4.2?


AlexV 19th August 2008 02:24 PM

Hi Jonster
I got the board with 2 fins: A drake "freeride flow 320" and a drake "natural wave 260". I am using that one with the 4.2 sail.

Jonster 19th August 2008 05:07 PM

Hi AlexV
Thanks for shareing your experience :-)
I'm gonna try it with a natural wave fin. Maybe a sice or two smaler though, as i'm 10kg lighter and to get a little bit less uplift.

Hi Timo
What is the sailsize you use with the Drake 24/25 for freestyling?


Screamer 21st August 2008 03:06 PM


No doubt Kombat105 is a good board, but I would be very cautious using it in true 7bf (28-33 knots). I guess you'll survive if you're determined enough, but that's 80 lit board's territory, even smaller at your weight.
Btw, I use a Kombat86 and with regard to fins, I think Drake Crossover and Natural (for wavier stuff) are both much better suited to Kombat than a Freeride Flow.

dominic72 21st August 2008 08:47 PM

Hi guys, your chat sounds very interesting to me -- got my Kombat 105 this year and I just love it for windy, choppy conditions here in the mediterranean (will have to wait until the winter to see how it behaves in +5bft. anyways, I need to equip it with a larger quiver for light wind days. any tips on which fin I should buy for 7ish, freeride use? I am thinking of buying a 7.2 NP HEllcat as a largest sail and need a fin for it which works with US box. many thanks Kombat fellows

Timo 22nd August 2008 03:20 AM

Hi Guys

Sorry for delay in reply...
I use the 25 Drake Wave for waves and freestyle on sails from 6.4-5.3m, would never really use the 105 in anything windier really, i use the fin that came with it (more upright) when i'm just cruising or fun slalom sailing or if it is really light wind cross on jumping as this fin gets you going in nothing!!! Like i said before though the new Kode is as good as the Kombat 105 but a little bit faster and has a bit more drive in waves when you need to keep speed in your turns.
Hope that helps!

Timo 22nd August 2008 03:24 AM

Hi Dom 72

I've used a Severne S2 on the 105 before but to be honest sometimes the extra weight of a 7.0m counters the benefit of the larger sail, i reckon 6.4 works just as well!

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