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crazychemical 4th August 2008 04:45 PM

who ever used the sidefins on the GO?
see tittle! I took out my GO139 recently in Leucate and because of a few crashes somehow on of the holes for the sidefins which i never use, and which, on the 139 model would have very little to even no use at all, seemed to have opened and my board was spitting water through it! So i asked myself why ever did they put them on? And i mean ... u don't even get the fins standard with the board so like ... few people really bother to use them.

Roger 4th August 2008 07:07 PM

Hi crazycnemical,
I've used the Starbilizer side fins quite a few fimes in the past.
They work pretty well,
I hope you have been able to seal up the leaking screw.
Not sure why you feel the Starbilizer side fin inserts are problem.
If you dinged the board enough to open up one of the side fin insert
screw holes, it seems likely that the same ding would have penetrated
the TufSkin on the rail if the side fin hole was not there.....right?
The side fins and the mounting inserts in the board make the GO a little more
attractive to families with kids or others to teach.
Hope this helps,

crazychemical 8th August 2008 05:30 PM

i damaged part of the rail but sealed it up after the session when i noticed. it had been a rough session (7.6 in 20 or so knots) so the damage was there. But the screw problem i hadn't noticed. Only when i took it out the next day i noticed on of 'em was spitting water. But if they hadn't been there i'd have seen the hole i made and sealed it up. Anyway, i'm going to give my GO a full checkup and i'm gonne renovete the bottom (seal up any scratches, new layer of paint and wax ... the works). I hope it works out, else i'm, ironiclally, screwed

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