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Brian S 8th August 2008 09:13 AM

Repair of Damaged inserts
Just an FYI on the subject of repairing damaged vent screw or foot strap inserts using the Permatex Stripped Thread Repair kit. This product has a two-year shelf life according to the manufacturer. Do not try to use old product, as I'll explain below. The printed code on the epoxy tubes will have a code like "7D26". The first digit is the year (2007 in this case) and the second character represents the month (D = 4th month, April).

I recently tried to repair a vent screw insert. The epoxy would not harden, so I called the permatex tech support and they explained the date code and that my kit was way out of date. So, I went to a different store and bought another kit, with the date code above. Even though the second kit was within the two-year shelf life period, it also didn't properly harden. I called tech support again, and they are sending me a fresh kit and a refund.

I'd strongly recommend that you mix a small test batch before you put it into the insert. I haven't received the new kit yet, so I can't report on the final repair yet.


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